Watch yourself. Drink a little water if you feel yourself start to get dizzy. Hold onto a railing. The Faint are coming to Western.
You’ve seen the posters, you’ve heard the name whispered with excitement, but did you know that Western is the only university on their West Coast tour to be graced by the presence of the Faint.
How lucky does that make us?
Beginning this Tuesday, the Faint will embark on a 13 show, month and a half West Coast tour starting in Denver, Colorado and ending in Austin, Texas. Bellingham and Western are the second stop on the bill.
“As a band we always enjoy trying new things and that’s one of the reasons we’ve added and are looking forward to performing in Bellingham,” says Joel Peteresen, bassist.
For fans out there who are familiar with the Faint, they will probably recognize how long it’s been since the Faint have toured anywhere near the vicinity of the greater Northwest region. This is a valid reality, but Petersen explains that after being cooped up in their practice space in what, at times, feels like a nine to five job for almost a year they are ready to get back on the road and perform some shows.
“We tend to have big hopes and dreams,” says Petersen.
“It’s a little nerve-wrecking though. There’s a lot of stuff to do and we’re still trying to finish up one of the songs.”
As Petersen continues to explain, what’s unique about this tour in particular is they’re trying out roughly four to five songs that haven’t been recorded in studio. Instead of first recording the songs and then testing the waters on tour they are simply doing the exact opposite: testing the waters before anything becomes solid.
“We think that we’d learn from playing them over how it sort of benefits songs before recording them,” says Petersen. “We’ll know if the song works more by how it feels with us.”
He then goes on to state that by the act of repetition, they’ll know the song really well and can perfect it each time the song is performed before it becomes a fixture on their future 2007 release. Until then, however, fans and unknown spectators alike can enjoy and anticipate dynamic dance parties on the dance floor.
“Possibly an evolution or de-evolution these songs are very much the Faint,” says Petersen. “We’re interested in some different stuff, but we always try to find what we liketo do and keep with it.”
The Faint call Omaha, Nebraska home. That’s right this rocking electro synth driven dance band calls the region of the Great Plains.
Over the years the Faint have seen a multitude of musicians filter in and out helping add to the diversity of their music since the early 90s. Members of the band that have remained constant for their last few albums include Todd Fink on vocals and keys, Joel Petersen on bass, Clark Baechle on drums, Jacob Thiele on the synthesizer, and Dapose helping out with guitars and visual art.
For anyone who likes to dance, to sweat, to feel totally connected with a crowd of people as their body movements all become one—this is the band that will do it for you.
The Faint’s sound has evolved progressively form their beginnings in the early 90s from almost indie rock to a full blown electrified, rocking, slightly darker house influenced sound.
Back in 2004, I had the pleasure of seeing their performance at the Showbox in Seattle before they took their tour hiatus (at least on this part of the mountains). The show was phenomenal. In the background of the set, the Faint had a unique light show that played in sync with the songs they were performing, which is something that will be an integrated part of their performance on this tour as well.
The show not only stands out for how great it is to see the Faint perform live, but also for how mesmerizing the entire concert going experience.
This year when they perform in the Viking Union Multi Purpose Room on November 30 I’m going to be right against the barricade screaming until it’s gone.
Tickets are available at the PAC box office and are $12. Get them while they’re still available. It’s not likely, but who wants to wait for what seems like an extended period of time before the Faint decides to leave the flatland and make a journey to the West Coast again.