The Underground Coffeehouse is serving up two shows this week. Paul Baribeau and Good Luck play at 8 p.m. on Wednesdasy and The Globes play with Don't Tell Sophie at 8 p.m. on Friday. Both shows are free.

Hailing from Michigan, Paul Baribeau plays heartfelt, lyrically-driven acoustic music in the folk-punk aesthetic, UGCH Coordinator Alex Niedzialkowski said. His lyrics are personal and often draw from real-life experiences.

“By hearing his story, you can think of a million things about that story that you've experienced,” Niedzialkowski said.

In addition to coffeehouses, Baribeau frequently plays living rooms, libraries and any venue that will have him, Niedzialkowski said. He also plays on the floor instead of on stage.

“You know that he's just playing because he loves it,” Niedzialkowski said.

Baribeau is not a stranger to Bellingham, having played at WhAAM last year. Niedzialkowski said she believes that his recordings do not do him justice, and that seeing his live show is an experience worth having.

The opening act will be Indiana trio Good Luck, a band that Niedzialkowski described as “posi-core,” or “positive hardcore.” They have a pop-punk sound, but song titles like “Pajammin” and “Public Radio” suggest that this is pop-punk made in your parents' living room.

“They're all about positive vibes,” Niedzialkowski said. “Anybody that goes to this show is going to come out feeling really good.”

The Globes were the winners of the EMP Sound Off competition in Seattle last year. Since then, they have been collecting a following in Seattle. Niedzialkowski described their sound as “atmospheric indie rock.” Tacoma band Don't Tell Sophie will be the opening act.

“I'm excited about the show because I think it's going to be really energetic,” Niedzialkowski said. “It's not going to be hard to get. It's something you can just walk in and enjoy right away.”