I’ve been hearing through the grapevine (a few AS Board Candidates) that the Western Front will be endorsing candidates for this week’s Associated Students elections. Before I tell you why that is a bad, bad, bad idea, let me explain why we here at the AS Review do not endorse candidates.
We do not endorse candidates because we believe that you, the voter, can read what candidates have to say (pages 4-6) and judge for yourself who the best candidate is. I’ve met with all the candidates that have opposition and I have a clear idea of who I would like to vote for. But that doesn’t mean I should tell students who to vote for because the AS Review represents one of only two publications that cover the elections.
You may be thinking, “well most large newspapers endorse candidates. Why shouldn’t the Front?”
Imagine a state that has one newspaper and just about everything you know about a candidate is shaped by that publication. While briefly covering the candidates, the paper, in a seperate article, tells their readers who to vote for. You see a problem here?
The opinion of a few editors can carry way too much influence. There simply aren’t enough media outlets on campus for the Western Front (the largest outlet) to justify telling students who they should vote for.
When “big kid newspapers” endorse candidates it is done on the premise that there are multiple opinions given to the public on the candidates from various news sources. That just does not exist at Western.
If the Western Front does endorse candidates it will be a complete abuse of their power not to mention D-U-M, dum.