Design by Heidi Killings & Marybeth Coghill

Matt Crowley/The AS Review

Editor’s note (full disclosure): Our staff photographer Joe Rudko is a contributor to this exhibit.

Opening March 8, the Mixed Nuts art exhibition will allow students to see the work of some of Western’s best artists. The gallery opens at 9 a.m., and the show will run Monday through Friday until March 16. An opening reception is planned for Thursday, March 10 from 4 to 7 p.m.

The exhibition is part of professor Garth Amundson’s Art 490 class, Advanced Photography, but will explore multiple mediums, from portraiture to sculptures to portraits of sculptures. Featured in the exhibition will be student artists Marybeth Coghill, Teresa Grasseschi, Jeff Emtman, Laurel Kam, Meri Rose Ekberg, Heidi Killings, Joe Rudko, Alyssa Putnam, Anna Zuck and Adam McRae.

“It is a great mixture of artists, making a wide variety of work, which sparks interesting class discussions and brings new inspirations to each other,” said McRae.

Although the exhibition is tied to the class, the projects involved are more free form and more the results of what the students have learned up to this point in the art program, not just in one class. The show also lacks an overriding theme, opening the artists’ work to new forms and subjects. Emtman described his work as a look at both family and socially prescribed identities, whereas McRae chose to examine the “presence of others, as well as my own existence in this world, via objects in space.”

While each project has seen a number of changes throughout the course of the quarter, each artist submitted their proposals at the beginning of the quarter. The lack of theme or interconnection between the pieces makes for a more diverse show, hence the title “Mixed Nuts.”

Zuck added that the installation itself and the way each work is arranged in relation to one another would add an interesting element to the exhibition.

Emtman described the corresponding class as a great experience, especially for a fine arts and journalism student in Fairhaven who described his own artistic upbringing as “non-traditional.” Emtman has been taking photos for more than four years and currently works as the news and public affairs director for KUGS FM.

“From what I’ve seen so far, it’s amazing and humbling to see some of the stuff that other people in the class have come up with,” said Emtman.

McRae hopes the exhibition will bring more attention to the department and its resources.

“It’s nice to see something happening here in the art building that will exhibit our work to others in the program and throughout campus,” said McRae. “Hopefully we can show that you can have a well-conceived and successful exhibition right here in the B Gallery.”