From the photographer


Looking back at all the events from this year for this spread, I quickly realized what a wonderful year this really was. The student tech fee mess, budget cuts, flooding and other crazy shenanigans aside, I think it’s important to stop and remember to enjoy the positive memories again. For me, working in the AS Review office has given me newfound respect for writers, event coordinators and all the students who come to events. Without you all, I wouldn’t have any reason to work as hard as I try to. Thanks again.
— Erik Simkins


A view from the PAC plaza as the sun sets over Bellingham Bay.


A car hops during a contest at the Riding Low in the 3-6-0 show hosted by M.E.Ch.A.


Aaron Garcia mixes paint at the ASP table at the AS Hoppin\u2019 100, an event hosted by ASP Centennial Events.


A member of the Bellingham community enjoys a free meal in the Viking Commons during a quarterly Be Our Guest event hosted by the Student Homeless Outreach Team.


A member of the WWU Breakers shows off his breakdancing skills in Red Square during Info Fair.


The lead singer of Death Cab for Cutie rocks out during a performance at their ASP Pop Music-sponsored, all-student show at the Mount Baker Theatre.


The AS LGBTA\u2019s annual Drag Show showcased drag performances by Western students.


Students and community gather downtown to celebrate the outcome of the historic presidential election


A fan cheers on the Viking Football team to no avail at what would prove to be their last Battle in Seattle.


Christine Gregoire speaks in the MPR the day before elections.


A student contemplates Polaroid pictures at the ASP VU Gallery show, \u201cDeath of the Polaroid.\u201d


The KUGS crew speaks at the RJD2 concert, a show celebrating the station\u2019s 35th anniversary.


A clipboard holds the production schedule for KVIK\u2019s \u201cArt of Noise,\u201d (a new show that shoots music videos for local artists) as the crew members prepare for a shoot in Seattle.


Students demonstrate the proper way to engage in pillow fighting for a photo illustration.


The Shins perform in a very soggy Red Square during an unexpected rain storm. The concert was hosted by ASP Pop Music and Centennial Events.


Students throw snowballs at an unwitting photographer.


Members of the AS Outdoor Center\u2019s Valentine\u2019s Day moonlight snowshoeing excursion take a quick break to tighten their snowshoes.


Members of the AS Underwater Hockey club engage in a submarine battle for the puck in the Carver Gym pool.


Brittany Otter, Students for Disability Awareness vice president, poses with Josh Blue after his performance cosponsored by ASP Special Events. The event was part of Disability Awareness Week.


Students wait in line during the annual showing of \u201cRocky Horror\u201d hosted by ASP Films.


Tech Tonic, a showcase of Western students\u2019 tech projects, was held in the newly completed Academic Instructional Center.

All photos by Erik Simkins.