Alex Bacon/The AS Review

To balance intellectual overload and inject some creativity into the last weeks of the quarter, the AS Environmental Center will host Sewing is for Cool Kids from 4 to 7 p.m. on Wednesday, June 2 in the Underground Coffeehouse.

The event is free and open to anyone looking for a creative outlet, said Heather Jeffreys, sustainable foods intern at the Environmental Center and event co-coordinator.  All skill levels are welcome.

The event will feature tutorials about mending and patching clothes, hemming and putting in darts, buttons and zippers.  Jeffreys said there will be patterns and examples of things that she has made.  All materials and snacks will be provided.

There’s something empowering about do-it-yourself projects, Jeffreys said.  There are so many things that are cheaply made and mass produced and people could probably make better quality things themselves, she said. She said she hopes the event will inspire people to take the control of their clothes back from factories and corporations.

People should be able to alter and make their clothes the way they want them instead of relying on commercial factories, she said.

It’s important for people to start thinking about where their clothes come from and taking small steps toward sustainability, Jeffreys said.  People should keep the bigger picture in mind and ask themselves if their lifestyles reflect what they value, Jeffreys said.  She hopes the event will help people point themselves in the right direction toward sustainability.

“Each hand-sewn thing reflects the personality of the person who made it,” Jeffreys said.  Handmade things are made with love, consciousness and intent, unlike an unconscious machine, she said.

For more information about Sewing is for Cool Kids, contact Jeffreys or Amy Holm (the Environmental Center’s research intern and co-coordinator of the event) by e-mailing, calling 360-650-6129 or visiting the Environmental Center, located in VU 424.