Why are you seeking this position?

I’m seeking this position because I want to get more students associated in the Associated Students. It’s my opinion and gut feeling that most of the students here at Western have not been involved in the AS and so I’m out to represent the majority of the students, more than 15,000 walks of life, every one of those students is a resource that we can welcome into the AS.
I also want to give the message to students that it’s not absolutely necessary for you to have all four years of experience in the Associated Students. I was never hired on into the AS until last year when I was writing for the AS Review.
I have been indirectly associated as a member of the Ethnic Student Center, but even if I lose, I would love to give the message to students that these positions are open to anyone. We’re not super-heroes. We’re regular people.

What do you think is the role of the AS President?

I’ve been told that the president’s position is not actually the place to be if you’re trying to make change and that’s okay with me because I’m trying to empower other students to make change. I don’t have to be the face of action or activism here at Western.
I want to see other students who have not been so involved or who’ve even been intimidated. I want to see students like us become eager and comfortable and at home here in the Associated Students, and even if it’s not the Associated Students, I just want them to be aware and to know exactly how many venues we have here on campus because we have 300 clubs alone and however many departments and majors that all have their own clubs and things, so it’s not always about being involved with the AS. Sometimes, it’s just about being involved.

What is one issue affecting students that you would like to focus on or work on next year?

A lot of students want to see the AS be more transparent. I think our AS board is doing an awesome job representing us, but a lot of students are still like, “What are they doing?” We’ve done a good job of having our events and things publicized in publications on campus. I think my presence here in the AS will facilitate a more transparent and not objective - because objectivity is not possible in my opinion - we all have our biases and things. But as a journalism student, I’m trying to create more positive relationships between student government and student media.
Often times, publications make mistakes. Board members make mistakes. I’m just trying to create a relationship where we can be forgiving. Nobody likes being bashed and nobody loves bashing. That will be a side effect of me being in the AS, is that we can have more transparency and better relationships and even friendships - maybe not friendships because that would create a bias - but just having that transparency between student media and student government.

*Editor’s Note: Wolters was an AS Review Writer from September of 2013 until her resignation in February of 2014.