The Associated Students Board of Directors meeting last week included items ranging from funding requests to a resolution on the Dream Act.

Representatives of the Sexual Awareness Center requested funds for the SAC Speaks event this November. Approval of the funds will be determined soon.

Associated Students Productions Pop Music presented a large event loan request for a tentative November concert. The board approved a $30,000 loan for the show.

Vice President for Activities Aaron Garcia presented the Dream Act Resolution for approval. The resolution states that the Associated Students support the Dream Act bill in Congress, which Garcia said would provide undocumented immigrants the opportunity to attend higher education. The board approved it unanimously.

Also approved was $4,280 in funding for the new digital signage content manager, a position that was approved last week. The money will come from the operating enhancement budget.

Vice President for Legislative and Governmental Affairs Erik Lowe presented information about the Washington Student Lobby and the large portion of its budget that comes from Western. Lowe said Western students pay over $14,000 a year—25% of the WSL budget—while getting less representation than larger schools like UW, which pays only $9,000. The board may consider making a recommendation to the Board of Trustees to deal with this discrepancy.

Meetings are held every Wednesday night at 6 p.m. in VU 567. More information about meetings can be found in the board office, located in VU 504.