This week’s board meeting carried a heavy agenda. The board brought forth a movement to fund a system at the Wade King Student Recreation Center that would allow students to punch in their ‘W’ number to gain admission in lieu of presenting their Western ID card if the card is forgotten. In the past, students have been allowed only one free pass of admission into the center without the presence of the proper Western ID card. Though met with resistance from the Recreation Center administration, the motion passed.

The University Dining Service’s new director, Ira Simon, presented a power point presentation, proposing changes to student meal plans and dining services for the 2007-2008 academic year. Proposed changes include a fixed meal plan price, including three different new meal plan options. The three options differ in the amounts of flex points and dining hall meals allotted for the duration of the quarter.

Simon also proposed bringing a late-night dining option to the Ridgeway dining hall and extending the current hours of late-night at both the Fairhaven and VU dining halls. Simon intends to provide more variety in the food served at dining halls, aiming to provide better quality food and more vegan and vegetarian options. Simon’s presentation was met with many questions and concerns about the increased cost and the decrease in the number of plans available. Mark Iozzi, Associated Students President, suggested the changes in student meal plan options be taken to a public forum for further debate.

The Associated Students Women’s Center brought a proposal to the board requesting an allocation of more funds. The suggested allocated funds are intended to finance a lecture given by speaker Angela Davis, a renowned academic and social activist. The board approved $5000 from the Large Events Loan Fund for the event, with an additional $2500 approved from Associated Student supplemental funding. Ticket prices for the event will also be raised. Student tickets will be raised to $7 from $5, and public tickets will sell for $10 instead of $7.

Finally, the meeting concluded with clarifying the Vice President of Legislative Affairs and the Legislative Liaison and election coordinator job descriptions. The board decided unanimously that the liaison’s position is that of a lobbyist representing students is a subordinate to the Vice President. The Vice President of Legislative Affair’s position is that of an elected official.

The board planned to review Associated Student job descriptions during this meeting. However, due to the prolonged meeting, the planned revisions were tabled and deferred until the next board meeting on Wednesday, March 7.