This past AS board meeting the directors got together with this year’s Legislative Liaison, Sasha Sleiman, to setup the AS’s legislative agenda.
If you didn’t already know, every winter quarter, Western’s legislative liaison heads down to Olympia, the city of bills and thrills, to do some good old fashion lobbying. Sleiman will be spending a good chunk of her time fighting the same fight previous liaisons have tangled with; tuition hikes.
She will be one of the six student representatives that go for each of the six state universities.
The rest of Sleiman’s time—which most likely will be paltry—is spent representing the rest of the school’s most pressing issues.
This is why the AS Board of Directors took a good chunk of time on November 15 to figure out a few pressing things they want Sleiman to push for during her time in Olympia.
Coming into the meeting the board was looking at three issues for this year.
Last year’s legislative liaison, Nick Cizek was gracious enough to come to the meeting and offer his expertise in order to help shape the legislative agenda.
Cizek reminded the board that the amount of time Sleiman will have to do work on their issues will be very limited, so the board should keep the agenda short.
Vice President for Campus and Community Affairs. Kevin McClain, asked that the board move the to place an amendment that allowed for a new position at Western. The position would ask the state to fund a position that researches and promotes reducing single occupancy trips.
McClain’s proposal was made a part of the session prioorities.
Earlier in the meeting the board passed an action item to spend $3,000 on diversity training for AS salaried employees. Th item passed 7-0.
The AS Board of Directors meets every Wednesday at 6 p.m. in VU 567. Meetings are open to the public and every meeting begins with a public forum section.
Busy during the meeting? Here’s where you can find the board’s contact information so yu can have your voice be heard.