Virgilio Cintron

ASR: What experience do you have that makes you qualified for this position?

Cintron: I currently work in the AS Board office as the assistant to the vice president for Diversity and Activities. I have also been the co-president of the Latino Student Union for the past two years and budget authority before that. On top of that, I currently serve on several AS committees. I currently serve on the Dining Service Committee, AS Budget Committee, Diversity Task Force, Student Technology Fee Committee, Facilities and Services Council, AS Management Council, Ethnic Student Center Presidents Council and took part of the ACE Leadership Retreat.

I have a big working knowledge of the Associated Students and I think that's something essential, especially for business and operations because they deal with the personal and management component, the budget component and the services and facilities component. Having served on those three committees and working with the previous, and this year's, VP for Business and Operations has given me great insight. As well, being an assistant has helped me really learn the organization structures.

ASR: What are three of your biggest goals next year?

Cintron: Expand, improve and raise awareness of AS programs and services is one goal. I think training is a big issue within the Associated Students that we need to address and we need to make sure that training improves, hourly or salary, so that everyone is in the same playing field.

I really want to work on the student technology fee, I think it needs to be renewed or increased within the next one to two years. I want to have student feedback about what they want the fee to be and what they want it to be used on because right now it is in a rather grey area. I would like to get it on the ballot by next spring.

The third thing I really want to continue focusing on are food options on campus, making them local, organic and sustainable. The past few years I have been on the dining services committee and they have done a lot of things to bring more local people into our campus, like all of our dairy products come from Lynden. Fairhaven Commons has been doing a lot of vegetarian options, I would like all the campus dining halls and markets to have a balance between who likes meat and people who don't and have lots of those types of food options. It will take a while but I would like to continue working on that next year.

ASR: What is one or two of the board's decisions that you agree or disagree with this year?

Cintron: Over the summer the Ethnic Student Center [ESC] position came up and I agreed with tabling the item to a future date because I think the ESC is one of the training aspects that we need to address before we put more people down there. One thing that I feel that the board didn't do such a good job this year is overall addressing the outreach portion of the AS. I know we did leadership receptions but it felt like we could have done more for the outreach.

ASR: What is the platform you are running on?

Cintron: I really want readers to get involved, know the issues that affect students like the Rec Center and student technology fee. All these things we want student opinions but if they don't give them to use then we kind of have to guess what people want. Later if they get upset it creates an unbalance that we aren't listening but they aren't coming to us as well. I would like to bridge that gap.

ASR: Who is a past or present politician that you identify yourself with?

Cintron: Leaders that are able to listen. A lot of times I think politicians just say what you want to hear to get elected. I think leaders should listen and be servant politicians.