Like zombies? Quidditch? Iceblocking? Thought you were alone in your secret obsession?

Think again.

These are the focuses of just three of more than 200 clubs within the Associated Students. In the unlikely case that your particular interests are not represented in the list of already existing clubs, you can start your own!

The AS Club Kickoff is just the place for old clubs and all newbie's to get the paperwork ball rolling for their club. It takes place at 9 a.m., Oct. 13, in the VU MPR. The free event, which is hosted by the AS Board will include workshops on fundraising, event planning and promotions. Along with providing useful resources the club kickoff is also a great place to network and learning the nuts and bolts of the AS and the VU.

Starting or joining a club is a good way to find your niche in a big school.

If zombies are your thing, Western Students Against Zombies (W.S.A.Z) mission is to inform and educate the masses on how to react if and when a zombie uprising occurs in or around Bellingham.

Also on campus is the Quidditch club whose mission statement states, “We exist to teach others the joys of Muggle-Quidditch, to offer others the opportunity to play, and to coordinate each residence hall with a team to have Hall vs. Hall games.”

If a specific cause is close to your heart, then a club may be just what you need to make a change. Students for Renewable Energy, an AS club, helped create the initiative that let our campus to use green energy. Their mission is to bring sustainable energy to Western's campus through education, conservation, energy construction projects and conscious energy selection.

Vice president for student activities and AS board member, Aaron Garcia said he encourages students who want to start a club or renew an existing club to take advantage of the AS Club Kickoff as an opportunity to get organized. As the VP of activities Garcia serves as the bridge between clubs and the AS board and was elected to his position last spring in a campus wide vote.
“If I could let the students know anything about the AS it would be that it's their creation to use it,” Garcia said. “It is a lot more than just the student government.”