Ah, voting. What would this country be without our good friend, the election? Although many feel the federal government is currently displaying how corrupt the democratic process can become when greedy, corporate powers infest and manipulate what should be an objective system, perhaps we here in the Associated Students can offer them a better model. Election packets for candidates running for the AS Board are out, and campaign festivities are right around the corner.

“The AS Board encompasses the student voice on this campus. Their function is to represent the students on this campus and help them in their academic process,” said Brian Perrow, AS Elections Coordinator. Perrow described that the AS Board oversees AS funds, and helps to manage the student-university relationship.

In addition to these tasks, each of the seven board members serves on different committees within the university, based on their specific position on the board.

In the April elections, all students will have the opportunity to vote one candidate into each of the following positions: Vice President for Campus and Community Affairs, Vice President for Diversity, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Vice President for Activities, Vice President for Legislative Affairs, Vice President for Business and Operations, and finally, the infamous title of President.

“[Serving on the AS Board] is a large time commitment,” said Perrow. “But students get a lot of experience that they can use after college. The job teaches how to work with others, how to facilitate and manage meetings, how to budget a budget, and also personal skills. If you are elected to the AS Board, you will definitely learn a lot of things that you’ve never learned before in your life.”

Think you’ve got what it takes to represent the student voice and make important decisions? Application packets and descriptions of all board positions are available in the AS Board of Directors Office, VU 504. Every student is welcome and encouraged to apply. “Everyone should apply if the feel best qualified,” said Perrow. “Honestly, I think everyone should apply.”

Perrow said that the campaign can get competitive, but that every candidate has ample opportunity to express their electoral position. This year, both KUGS and KVIK will be broadcasting the election debates. Additionally, candidates will get a one-minute advertisement space on KVIK, to be used to vocalize and plug their campaign. The debates will also be translated into MP3 files and made available online for student perusal. And you can always rely on your trusty campus news source, the AS Review, to publish candidate statements when election time roles around. “There are a lot of opportunities for candidates to get their voice out there,” said Perrow.

If you or someone you know would like to serve on the AS Board, now is the time to get active and apply! Completed applications are due at 5 p.m. on Thursday, April 6. From there on, the election will be underway! Woo hoo!