AS Productions is psyched about this fall's movie schedule and you should be too.

The year kicked off on Sept. 25 with “The Incredible Hulk.” Though inclement weather disrupted the original plan to have an outdoor viewing at Carver Field, ASP was somehow able to calm down the giant green man enough to appear in Arntzen.
The gamma radiated green man won't be the only superhero to find his way to Western this fall, either.

That's right, “The Dark Knight,” the sequel to 2005's “Batman Begins,” will be coming this fall as well. The box office gargantuan is expected to swing its way into VU 552 on Oct. 19. ASP Films is expecting a big turnout and has planned to have showings throughout the week.

If you didn't feel like paying nine bucks to see it in theatres, you'll only have to fork out $2 to see it in the VU.

ASP Films coordinator Hannah Wilson is excited about the movies planned for this fall.

“We wanted a good mix of lighthearted and serious and action and comedy. We wanted a good variety to show [that] there are films for everyone,” Wilson said.

Wilson is looking forward to “The Fall,” a stylistically beautiful, albeit under the radar film about an injured stuntman who captivates his 5-year-old hospital roommate, Alexandria, with an elaborate tale of mythical heroes and exotic locales. The two grow closer as the story progresses until it becomes apparent that there are more fates at stake than those of the characters in the story.

Jack Black and Mos Def star in “Be Kind Rewind,” coming to the VU Sept. 30 and Oct. 1. After an electronic pulse accidentally erases all of the video tapes in Black and Mos Def's video store, the comedic duo create low-budget remakes of their favorite movies with hilarious results. Surprisingly, the two leads-who each have successful careers as singers-have enough chemistry to carry Michael Gondry's (“The Science of Sleep,” “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”) fairytale surrealism.

Another showing sure to attract a crowd, “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” is returning to Western on Oct. 30. Last year ASP only ran one show, much to the dismay of students who couldn't get enough Transylvanian action.

This year, ASP films has a different plan. There will be two separate showings of “Rocky Horror” in Arntzen 100, the largest room on campus. Keeping with previous years' tradition, tickets will be $1 if you show up in costume. For those not so comfortable walking through Red Square in drag, tickets will cost $3. Students are encouraged to bring props like squirt guns, toast and beach balls.

Wilson also feels that movies are as important and educational for students as the classes they will be taking this fall. She believes that their choice of fall lineup reflects ASP Film's commitment to providing students with diverse artistic perspectives.

“My goal is to get people to go see important movies as well as entertaining ones. Films are an important part of our culture,” Wilson said.

Showings usually cost no more than $2 and take place in VU 552 typically at 7 and 9 p.m. unless otherwise posted.

Fall movie calendars are available at the 6th floor VU Info Desk. The schedule can also be found online at