AS Productions Special Events “Takes You Out to the Ballgame” on Wednesday, May 7.

The $19 ticket will get you admission (and a ride) to the Seattle Mariners vs. Texas Rangers game.

“It is something that has been done in the past by previous Special Events coordinators; it has always been very successful every year,” Special Events coordinator Adam Bates said. “They always sell out on the tickets; it is something that people really enjoy. It seemed natural that we would do it again this year.”

There are 160 tickets available for Western students only. Students can purchase tickets at the Performing Arts Center box office. Tickets must be bought ahead of time, and Bates said they typically sell out. When students buy their tickets, they also will get an informational handout about the day of the game. Tickets are $19 for students for the event.

The price of the ticket gets students into the game and a ride to Seattle. Bates said the tickets are inexpensive because Special Events wanted to make it accessible to all students.

“The job of AS Productions is entertain the students,” Bates said. “We use the money that we are given to benefit people as much as possible. We made the choice to not buy the cheapest tickets we could find and seating way up high that we wanted to have some pretty decent seats and we got some great ones. In turn, we subsidized the cost of the tickets for students out of the AS Special Events budget.”

The day of the game, people will meet in the Fairhaven gravel parking lot where three charter buses will be waiting.

“We will have people checking bags to make sure people aren't bringing illicit substances on board,” Bates said. “We're going to be heading out at 4:30 to the game. Who knows how long the game will go, and we will be leaving about 20 minutes after the game to come back to Bellingham.”

For Western's baseball fans this could be an opportunity to get to a game, without the hassle and stress of planning it themselves.

“Personally, I really enjoy going to Safeco Field and going to games and I think for students who are fans or enjoy going to games, we've done all the work for them, all they have to do is be there on time,” Bates said. “I don't think it could be any easier for students. They're great seats; it's going to be a great time.”

The AS is not normally known for planning sporting events, so the Mariner's game is a chance for a different group of students to participate.

“Aside from the Outdoor Center, we don't typically do a lot of things were we take students off campus like this,” Bates said. “It is something really different and it caters to a slightly different crowd then who typically come to our events. Special Events has focused our attention on comedy and slam poetry. A lot of the people who enjoy that might not want to go to a game and vise versa. It just seemed like a good idea to try and offer several events, not just to a select group of people.”