“Everybody loves recess. Or at least they used to. They don’t get it anymore— until now,” David Westbrook, a student on the Associated Students Promotions Committee, said.

This newfound opportunity for Western students to once again partake in running, playing, and screaming between classes is also known as AS Recess.

AS Recess is an event put together by the Promotions Committee, and is happening this Wednesday, April 12 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in Red Square and on Old Main Lawn.

“Awesome, fantastic activities will include kickball, tricycle races, 4-square, paper airplane making, sandcastle competitions, sidewalk chalk contests, and so much more,” Westbrook said.
But these are games with a purpose. “Different AS offices sponsor each event, so that people can get to know the people in the offices and learn about what services they offer,” said Westbrook.

Some of the AS offices and organizations featured at AS Recess include the Resource and Outreach Programs, Associated Students Productions, the Publicity Center, the Outdoor Center, KUGS, the Board of Directors, the Environmental Center, and others. Westbrook said that other organizations have also been invited, and the Promotions Committee is still adding participants.
“AS Recess will hopefully increase the visibility of the AS as a whole to students and inform them about the resources and services we provide,” said Westbrook.

Kim Byrkett, a Western junior who also sits on the Promotions Committee, said that she wants students to have “a little fun and gain a little knowledge about the AS. People don’t know what the AS does, so they can learn about all the different offices at AS Recess.”

Byrkett has been sitting on the Promotions Committee since winter, which is when ideas for the event started to take shape. “We’ve been planning it for a while now,” she said. “Winter is about when we started deciding that we wanted to do something, but we didn’t know what.”

Byrkett said that the committee drew inspiration for AS Recess from other events on campus. “We had a bunch of other options. We really liked the idea of Kappa Karnival, but having it be just for the AS,” she said.

Westbrook also speaks of the logistical goals for the event. “We wanted an event to easily reach the most students, so we started thinking about Red Square. If we can do a recess event that looks fun, and you can just walk up to it at any time that’s convenient to you in Red Square and on the Old Main Lawn, then it can reach a lot more people,” Westbrook said.

The goal of the event lines up with the larger aims of the Promotions Committee as a whole, Westbrook said. The goal of the committee, he said, is “to promote the AS to the students of Western.”

Westbrook said that the committee is chaired by the Vice President for Activities, Nate Panelo, and includes representatives from all the main organizations in the AS, like the ROP, ASP, KUGS, the Publicity Center, the Outdoor Center, and others. The committee also contains “students at large,” or just regular students who would like to have a say in the decisions of the committee.

Westbrook said that the Promotions Committee, as well as the numerous other committees on campus, are always looking for a more vocal student voice, and encourages students to offer their opinions on such committees. “Then you too can help plan events like AS Recess,” Westbrook said.

If you still need more reasons to play free games in between classes this Wednesday, Byrkett offers that “there may be free lollipops.”

Westbrook coaxes with “there may or may not be free elephant rides.”

Check out AS Recess this Wednesday, April 12 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in Red Square and on the Old Main Lawn. For more information on AS Recess or on the Promotions Committee, contact VP for Activities Nate Panelo at 650-3736.