Every week, AS Productions (ASP) shows two films on campus through its ASP Films office. Usually, a film will screen on Sunday and Monday and then a different film on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Films generally begin at 7 p.m. and repeat later in the evening.
“It’s a fun activity for students and it’s cheaper than going to any of the theaters around,” said ASP Films Coordinator Hannah Wilson, who organizes the events and hand-selects the films.
“It’s about community,” ASP Films Publicity Coordinator Noah Janes added.
Wilson said that she tries to balance as wide a range of films as possible.
“I try to avoid just showing my favorites and get an idea for what other people would like to see, [balancing] mainstream with obscure little movies nobody’s ever heard of … as good a spread as possible,” she said.
ASP Films does not operate in a vacuum, Wilson said. Clubs will often come to her with co-sponsorship ideas.
For example, the AS Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Alliance co-sponsored showings of “Milk,” an Academy Award-winning film about America’s first openly gay politician, Harvey Milk.
“At co-sponsored events we leave it open to dialogue afterwards,” Wilson said. “I like to think it’s kind of educational.”
As was the case with “Milk,” sometimes the films are shown before they are available on DVD. ASP Films works with film distributors to purchase the rights to show films on campus, according to Wilson. The distributors then send copies of the films to Western.
Once the films arrive, ASP presents them in VU 552, which has surround sound and the same projection equipment as many of Western’s classrooms, Wilson said.
“Attendance depends on the movie,” she said. “We filled up for ‘Fern Gully.’ I was really pleased with how well attended ‘The Fall’ was. … I was blown away [when I saw] it but I was worried no one would show up.”
In addition to its regular showings, ASP Films hosts special events during the course of the year.
Banff Mountain Film Festival, a traveling film exhibition, comes to Western every fall with several independent films that students will not likely have the opportunity to see anyplace else.
Last Halloween, ASP Films presented horror flick “The Thing” during a costume event in the Underground Coffeehouse.
This spring, ASP Films anticipates having an outdoor film screening.
“I’m envisioning something that can encourage people to bring a date,” Janes said. “At sunset, bring a blanket, something sweet.”
“Every year we try to do it, we get rained out,” Wilson said.
By scheduling the event for the spring, rather than the fall as in past attempts, they hope to avoid the rain.