Years ago in city just south of here one band was responsible for forever glorifying the experience of eating canned peaches. The Seattle based Presidents of the United States of America is that band and on Saturday they are bringing peaches to Western Washington University.

At the height of their popularity the President's were number one on the Billboard Modern Rock music charts and had three Top 40 songs. Some of their most memorable songs, such as Lump, Kitty and Peaches, came from their self titled debut album in 1995. Maybe their most famous and intoxicatingly catchy song is “Peaches.” Another of the President's most popular songs, “Lump,” was later the inspiration for the parody song “Gump” by Weird Al Yankovic. The Presidents also covered the Ian Hunter song “Cleveland Rocks,” which played for many years during the opening of the “Drew Carey Show.”

In 1997 the Presidents met hard times briefly splitting due to what band member Dave Dederer described as “exhaustion.” Having gone through some changes such as the replacement of Dave Dederer , vocalist and bass guitarist, for Andrew McKeag their 2004 album gained popularity with their single “Some Postman.” Although meeting success after releasing the 2004 album “Love Everybody,” the Presidents may forever be remembered for the pop-punk rock hits of their first album that provided the fun-loving quirky music many desired after the teen-angst of the grunge era. The Bellingham based group the Love Lights will be opening for the Saturday show.