Kirsten O'Brien/The AS Review

With the advent of Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and text messaging, information is becoming increasingly easier to spread. While posters and fliers passively inform people of an upcoming event, these social media outlets actively allow people to inform their family and friends of an event immediately, often reaching larger audiences at lightning speed.

To harness the power of these media sites, Associated Students Productions is launching the ASP Street Team. Students who volunteer to be street team members will promote ASP events through word-of-mouth advertising by utilizing Facebook, Twitter and other outlets, said Shalom Long, ASP director.

“The street team are the individuals who essentially ‘hit the streets’ to let people know about all the cool events that ASP is producing,” said Long. She said that students can participate in different “missions” that will be sent to them via text message, email or through the ASP Street Team website.

“[Students] can expect to see a lot of word-of-mouth-type missions, or posting buzz posters downtown, or hopping an event on Facebook to get people excited,” she said.

Aubrey Kitchen, ASP logistics & volunteer coordinator, is in charge of managing the street team. She said that students will be able to sign up on the team website,, starting Nov. 8.

Kitchen said the street team will focus on promoting all events that come out of the ASP office, including pop concerts, special events, film nights and Underground Coffeehouse shows.

Students will receive points for completing a mission which can be redeemed for ASP Street Team gear or tickets to pop shows and special events. Best of all, the street team allows members to hear about ASP events before the rest of the campus community.

“Once you are a street team member there will be a lot of times where you will [be] the ‘first to know’ about upcoming events,” Kitchen said. “Once [students] create an account, they can sign up for a mass text message option where I can send texts about the upcoming missions and events.”

Kitchen said a typical mission might be distributing event posters in high-traffic downtown areas to reach students as well as community members.

By allowing students to pick and choose which missions they would like to complete, Long said the street team is a great way for students to get involved in ASP without devoting too much of their time.

“By being a street team member you have control over your level of involvement,” Long said. “We needed this street team because students need ways to get involved that aren’t so demanding of their time. You choose what missions you want to complete.”

In addition to offering students the chance to hear about events first and receive incentives, Casey Hayden, student activities adviser, said the street team is a way for students to be involved in ASP. He said that there are a limited number of ASP positions, but that shouldn’t stop students from volunteering for the office.

“It’s a great way to meet other students and ASP staff,” Hayden said. “The goal is to build a volunteer base and expand access to ASP to students who are interested.”

Although the team is in its early stages, Kitchen encourages all students interested in ASP events to sign up. She said a goal of the team is to recruit at least 400 volunteers from diverse backgrounds.

“It is an amazing way to become more integrated into the Western community,” Kitchen said. “I am very excited to see how this first year turns out; I think it will be great for everyone!”