Tom Petty got it right— the waiting is the hardest part. So if you spent all weekend anxiously awaiting the arrival of the AS Elections results, we have some bad news.

Five of the ten candidates have been ruled ineligible for consideration on account of AS Elections code violations. Three of those five— Mark Iozzi, Kevin McClain, Marcella Tomlin— were disqualified for failing to turn in financial statement. Iozzi actually turned in a statement, but after the deadline, according to AS Elections Coordinator Brian Perrow.

Iozzi, McClain and Tomlin were running unopposed in their respective races.

Antasia Parker and Riley Sweeney were both disqualified for failing to provide receipts with their candidate financial filing. Under AS Elections Code, candidates are required to “file an itemized financial statement and attach all receipts for campaign expenditures.”

Parker received a majority of votes for in her race for Vice-President of Legislative Affairs, while Sweeney had come in second to Nate Panelo in his race for Vice-President of Activities.
In an unrelated issue, voting was temporarily shut off ahead of the deadline.

As Parker and Sweeney’s disqualifications involve arbitrable code disputes, their fates will be determined by the AS Elections Board at an as-yet unscheduled meeting.

Appeals for the other candidates will be considered at a special Monday meeting of the AS Board of Directors. The meeting begins at 5 p.m. in Viking Union 567.

To check out the AS Elections code for yourself, visit