Let’s play a little questionnaire game. For each of the following pairs of jobs, select the one you would most prefer. A) Flipping burgers at the local McDonalds, or B) Designing a website? A) Pulling endless shots of espresso for cranky caffeine fiending customers, or B) Teaching your friends how to fix their bicycles? A) Ringing up yet another bunch of bananas, or B) Educating people on the importance of proper recycling, and making a positive impact on the environment? If you chose B to any of these questions, you are likely among the many college students who have grown tired of the endless string of boring, mindless jobs that serve only to pay for rent.

If the idea uttering the phrase “Thank you! Have a nice day!” one more time sends you reeling into the land of working man’s bitterness, you’ll be happy to know that the winds of luck are blowing in your direction. Many of the cool and exciting Associated Students jobs are still accepting applications! This is your chance to say goodbye to the days of time-clocks and boredom, and hello to the awesome perks of setting your own hours and getting paid to do something you actually find interesting.

“There’s a lot of opportunity within the AS,” said Tiffany Haldeman, Personnel Director for the AS Personnel Office. “There are offices that specialize in people’s interests, so you can gain real-world experience in something you like to do. There is also great community in the AS, and it is an opportunity to be really involved in the campus community.”

Whether your interest is in media, the outdoors, management, or social justice, there is a job just waiting for your skills and enthusiasm. Among the positions still available, you will find jobs such as News and Public Affairs Coordinator for KUGS, Excursions Co-Coordinator for the Outdoor Center, and Editor of the very publication you now hold in your hand. A complete list of jobs can be found outside the Personnel Office, VU 505, or at www.finaid.wwu.edu/studentjobs/.

“The jobs are really flexible,” said Haldeman. “School is number one, so you can create your own hours within the AS.”

I have nothing against the cashiers, servers, and baristas of the world- I spent upwards of 7 years in jobs like these. However, if you are feeling a bit unsatisfied with your current job, if you need a job, if you want some challenge, excitement, satisfaction and real-experience in your field of study, or if you want to work with other students doing fun and interesting things, working a job in the AS is simply a great idea.

Applications for all currently posted jobs are due by 5 pm on April 4. After your application is received, it will be sent to a hiring committee that will interview and select the candidate best suited for each job.

You really have nothing to lose here. To work a fun and interesting job is to feed your mind and soul on the juicy and delectable bits of life, and get paid for this miraculous feast.
You can pick up an application and job descriptions for any and all of the jobs in the filing cabinet right outside the Personnel Office.
My fellow students, apply thyself!