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Alex Bacon/The AS Review

Dead Week is here, and with it comes frustration, burnout and gloomy moods.

On Wednesday, June 2 the AS Drug Information Center (DIC) will cosponsor Natural High Day with ASP Special Events to help students chase away the Dead Week blues. From 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the VU Multipurpose Room, the DIC will have a variety of free activities to help students reach an euphoric state.

“A natural high is anything that makes someone feel good,” said Jane Lee Waldock, coordinator of the DIC.  Every person has something different that makes them feel good, Waldock said.

There will be a beading and craft table, button-making from recycled posters, door prizes, snacks, music and board games. Additionally, the Western men’s a capella group will be performing.  There will be tie-dyeing, and people are encouraged to bring things to dye, but bandanas will also be provided.  Door prizes will include T-shirts, water bottles and sweatshirts, among other things.

“Everyone can enjoy the highs of life,” Waldock said.

The DIC is closing at the end of the year, so Natural High Day will be the last event the DIC will ever host.

For more information about Natural High Day, contact Waldock by e-mailing, calling (360) 650-6116 or visiting the DIC in VU 517.