Craving a fresh cup of Bellingham’s finest coffee? Or have a sweet tooth for a sugary donut? Although there are an eclectic amount of coffee shops scattered around the beautiful city of Bellingham, there are a few that deserve to be highlighted. I traveled into the heart of downtown Bellingham to visit these three coffee shops myself, and this is what I found. At each of the three locations I enjoyed a cup of one of their unique creations. All I can say is that at the end of my journey my taste buds were jumping for joy in all different directions.

The Black Drop // 300 W. Chamption St.

Imagine this, you walk into a coffee shop and you hear one of your favorite songs playing in the distance, you sit down on a soft, welcoming light blue sofa and enjoy a steaming cup of your favorite coffee. As you look around, your eyes are met with beautiful glass vases, mugs and colorful artwork. This is what you will find at The Black Drop. The Black Drop is a homey, funky, place with a welcoming atmosphere. Starting off as a quiet little coffee shop, The Black Drop has grown into the unique, authentic coffee shop that it is today. This individually owned coffee experience is sure to brighten your day.

“This will be beautiful,” said the barista as he handed me a steaming cup. Although the name itself is very unique, the taste that met my taste buds on the warm layer of foam was incredible. The Level 10 Fireball is a warm blend of coffee with chipotle powder, resulting in a warm, yet sensational taste. As I finished off the cup of coffee, my mouth was met with an unexpected heat followed by a surprisingly sweet taste; my mouth and tummy were left warm and happy.

Avellino // 1329 Railroad Ave.

If you’re looking for a fun yet classy location, try Avellino. Avellino has been at its current location on Railroad Avenue for almost 15 years, and it’s definitely worthy of being a Bellingham favorite. The owners believe that a coffee shop is the perfect place for an art gallery; therefore, Avellino has become an avid supporter of the local art scene. Avellino is more of a traditional coffee shop with free wi-fi and daily newspapers. The cafe also provides many gluten-free options for those who want to enjoy a special treat. The company believes they are sporting a fair price for an above average product and experience.

A caramel, chocolate rush is the only way to describe the creamy deliciousness that I sipped on. With little flakes of chocolate blanketing the creamy foam at the top of the mug, I knew I was in for a treat. It tasted like I had just bitten into a small chocolaty piece of candy, and my taste buds were at a loss for words. The coffee taste was almost non-existent because of how sweet and creamy it was, which I like better. You could tell the cup was hand-crafted to perfection.

Rocket Donuts // 306 W. Holly St.

Lastly, downtown Bellingham’s Rocket Donuts provides a fun environment to drink coffee and eat tasty donuts. As you walk into the fun-filled cafe, you are greeted with energetic baristas and artful movie memorabilia. The walls of this colorful cafe are covered in everything from movie posters to colorful artwork and even authentic monsters bulging out of the walls. Along with handmade donuts, cinnamon rolls, muffins and quiche, Rocket Donuts is famous for their organic, fair-trade espresso and brewed coffee. They offer gluten-free and vegan donuts, as well.

I was handed a cream colored ceramic mug filled to the brim with a thick layer of foam and an artistic drizzle of caramel to decorate the top. As I smelled the warm steam, I was immediately reminded of fall. Hints of pumpkin and caramel spice warmed my nose. After taking a hearty sip, sweet spices and eggnog offered a sweet treat. The last few sips at the bottom of the cup is where all of the flavor is; as I tilt my head back and finish off the last of the drink, my taste buds do cartwheels and handstands.