Shawna Leader / The AS Review

Photos by Daniel Berman / The AS Review

Recycling is more than just paper, plastic and glass. This is a guide to items that you may not have thought of recycling or reusing, or always wondered if you could. From batteries to books to cell phones, local organizations provide methods for safely disposing of items or donating them to assist others.

Goodwill accepts used computers (any brand, any size)  and other electronics and refurbishes them so they can be used by others. Before you donate a computer, make sure all data is wiped from the computer, except for the operating system. In Bellingham, Goodwill is located on 1115 East Sunset Drive.

To recycle batteries, take them to the AS Bookstore, located next to the Viking Union. According to the AS Recycle Center website, batteries can also be mailed to the address listed on the back of the packaging.

Plastic Bags
Haggen grocery stores have bins for plastic bag recycling. In Bellingham, Haggen grocery stores are located in Sehome Village, Barkley Village, Fairhaven, at the Cordata pharmacy and at Meridian and Illinois Street.

In addition to recycling batteries, AS Club Circle K provides bins for book donations. The bins are located in the Viking Union, Bond Hall, Academic West and the Chemistry Building, and are usually out near the end of the quarter. At the end of the summer and beginning of fall quarter, a box will be in the AS Bookstore. The books are either recycled or resold, with all proceeds going to Worldfund, according to Erin Durch, outgoing co-president and outgoing global service chair for Circle K. Worldfund is a nonprofit organization that works to reform education in Latin America.

Cell Phones
Domestic Violence and Assault Services, a local organization that assists survivors of domestic violence, accepts used cell phones. The phones only call 911 and are intended to assist  people in need. To donate a phone, drop off the phone and charger at DVSAS, which is located at 1407 Commercial St., any weekday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.
Cell phones can also be donated to Cell Phones for Soldiers (an organization that provides phones for soldiers to call home), Wireless Recycling, Green Phone and Eco-Cell. For more information, visit the organizations’ websites.

Ink Cartridges
An ink cartridge dispenser is located on the first floor of the Viking Union, in the lobby by the elevators. The bin is managed by AS club Circle K. Volunteers from the club collect the cartridges, bag them and send them off to be recycled. Epson cartridges are not accepted.

Toxic Chemicals
The Disposal of Toxics, located on 3505 Airport Drive, accepts used oil and fuels, cleaners, lawn and garden chemicals, solvents, fluorescent lamps, automotive products, paints and other materials. For more information, visit the City of Bellingham website,

The ReStore, located on 2309 Meridian St., takes any furniture that is not upholstered (such as desks and dressers). The ReStore also takes lamps and working light bulbs (non-fluorescent only).
Value Village, located on 3990 Meridian St., accepts most kinds of furniture, except for sleeper sofas.