The Activities Council acts as a resource for students and clubs on Western’s campus. This year, the Activities Council’s budget is $80,000. With this money, the council is able to recognize clubs and fund trips, conferences and events. In order for a club to recieve money, they propose a request for the councils reveiw. Nathan Panelo, acts as the chair of the council and is the AS VP of Activiities.


My name is Nathan Panelo, but everyone just calls me Nate. I am a junior coming into Western, and I am applying to become a Human Services major. The reason why I chose this major was because I found great pleasure in doing many projects in the AS and the Ethnic Student Center.

I volunteered my time in the Filipino American Student Association, where I was the activities coordinator. As officers, we planned events and gatherings for our members and gained the AS club of the year award in the culture and ethnic category. Personally, my friends tell me that I am a very energetic person. I can never sit still, and I always have to be moving – physically and mentally.

I am also a perfectionist, but a kid at heart, who always wants to have fun. My friends also say that I am an extreme extrovert. I would like to meet you all, and my door is always open.
I have many goals coming into the VP for Activities position, but you can only do so much in one year. I plan to focus on my top three:

• Promote the Activities Center by networking with the AS Promotions Committee and the AS Publicity Center

• Incorporate a leadership conference and workshops for the A.S. clubs

• Support the resources on campus for AS club functions and actitivites