On October 16-18, the Puget Sound Blood Center will return to Western for the annual fall blood drive. Every year the Puget Sound Blood Center drives their big white bus onto campus and opens its doors to anyone who is willing to exchange a small piece of themselves in return for a few cookies, a cup of juice and the chance to save someone’s life. Although the large vehicle may seem slightly intimidating, it’s only there to present you with the opportunity to make a difference.

The blood drive will take place from 10 am-4 pm in the Viking Union Multi-Purpose Room and the Mini-Mobile in Red Square near the humanities building. The donation is entirely volunteer-based and does not pay for blood donations. Donors must be at least 18 years of age, over 110 pounds and must have used sterile precautions for any tattoos or piercings in the last year. For students contemplating donating, make sure to eat a healthy meal and drink plenty of fluids before donating.

The donation process includes registration, a short medical screening process, the actual collection of the blood and time for refreshments shortly after. The actual blood collection time is usually about 10 minutes with the entire process taking about an hour.

Students have the opportunity to save up to three lives with only a single donation of blood. It takes over 900 donors a day to fulfill the daily need for blood in the Puget Sound Region alone. Western is known to be one of the biggest donation locations in the Puget Sound Region. For more information about how to get involved and make a difference, contact Western’s Wellness Outreach Center.