Wednesday, Dec. 1

In their final meeting of fall quarter, the first item on the Associated Students Board of Directors agenda dealt with approving the rules of operation of the Green Energy Fee. The board first approved amendments to add a student involvement requirement to the general requirements of the rules of operation and also for the fee committee to favor student proposals that offset energy use by increasing energy efficiency, decrease consumption or generate renewable energy. They then approved the rules by a vote of 6-1.

Next, board members discussed a proposal, made by Vice President for Student Life Jamin Agosti, to redesign the Western Student Shuttles with updated bus wraps. The board discussed the effectiveness of the redesign to attract more riders, as well as the overall purpose of spending money to update the shuttles’ appearance. Vice President for Diversity Bernard Ikegwuoha disagreed with the proposed design of the new bus wraps, which uses a blue and white color scheme and features the AS logo along with the new Western logo on the side of each shuttle. Ikegwuoha said that he would actually rather see a large bus schedule placed on the side of the shuttles instead, since a bus schedule would have more value to students than the AS logo, considering amount of money needed for the wraps.

Brockman said he had spoken to a number of students who told him they did not see the purpose of spending student money to redesign the shuttles, and Student Senate Chair Lucas Bourne said he did not see how the wraps would be effective at increasing ridership. In response, Agosti said the redesign would greatly increase the visibility of the shuttles which would help increase ridership as a result. Agosti said he thought the redesign would be a huge benefit to students.
Once a motion was finally made to approve $6,000 from unallocated AS funds to pay for the shuttle redesign, the board voted down the idea with only Agosti voting in support. Agosti then made a separate motion to take only $4,100 from the unallocated funds to pay for the redesign, but failed to find another board member to second his motion. Another separate motion to disapprove funding for the redesign failed with a 3-4 vote. Watrin then ended the discussion on the proposal.

After hearing an information item on a proposal by VP for Governmental Affairs Byron Starkey for operational enhancement funds for Viking Lobby Day on Jan. 16-17, and approving student appointments to a number of councils and committees, the meeting adjourned at 8:17 p.m.