Wednesday, Oct. 13- 6:06 p.m.

Women’s Center Coordinator Lizzie Lamb and WC Assistant Coordinator Tanesha Tekola spoke to the board about their office’s plans to hold a number of gender-exclusive and gender-targeted events throughout the year. AS Productions Director Shalom Long and ASP Logistics and Volunteer Coordinator Aubrey Kitchen then gave a proposal asking for funding for both an ASP Street Team management website subscription and for incentives for Street Team volunteers.
The board approved $3,843 in new funding for the AS Review to hire an additional staff writer.
A motion to approve the job description for a Green Energy Fee Education Coordinator failed by one vote. There was confusion and disagreement over the coordinator’s responsibilities. A separate motion to hold off on the decision until the board could further discuss the position in a future work session passed 6-1. AS Vice President for Student Life Jamin Agosti voted no.
The board then passed a number of motions involving charge and charter documents for student committees and councils. They approved a new charge and charter template, and then approved charge and charters for the Activities Council, Legislative Affairs Council, Alternative Transportation Committee and the Structure and Program Advisory Committee.
They then heard information items on charge and charters for the Student Technology Fee Committee, Green Energy Fee Committee, Transportation Advisory Committee, Ethnic Student Center Steering Committee and the ESC President’s Council.
Following the business involving charge and charters, the board approved a resolution honoring the Western Vehicle Research Institute’s X-PRIZE Team. The resolution read in part: “Therefore be it resolved, by the Board of Directors of the Associated Students that the Western Washington University Vehicle Research Institute X-PRIZE Team is hereby honored for outstanding performance and service to the students of Western and the greater Western community. Be it also resolved, by the Board of Directors of the Associated Students that the entire Associated Students of Western Washington University community extends their gratitude and best wishes.”
Appointments to 12 different student committees were also approved. The  appointments are listed on the meeting agenda, available at
Vice President for Governmental Affairs Byron Starkey reported that during recent voter drive efforts, Western registered more new voters than the University of Washington. Starkey said student officials at UW are now asking Western to help them improve their voter drive efforts.
After discussing a personnel issue, the meeting was adjourned at 11:15 p.m.