Here is the minute summary for the Board of Directors meeting:

Wednesday, Sept. 29, 2010: VU 567, 6 p.m.

Associate Dean of Students Sherry Mallory gave an update on the case of missing Western student Dwight Clark. Mallory said Clark’s friends had been contacted, and a list of students who had graduated between 2008-2010 from Auburn High School in Auburn, Wash., the same school Clark graduated from before coming to Western, was compiled to help gather more sources for information.

The council indefinitely tabled a motion to provide funding not to exceed $10,000 to redesign the Visqueen Lodge. It was understood that the redesign would likely cost more than the amount specified in the motion.

There were a number of personnel items on the agenda.

The council passed a motion to move $8,000 from the AS Publicity Center budget to the Viking Union Technical Services budget to fund a web developer position. The Viking Union Web Developer will receive funding from the AS, and will run the AS website development in addition to their other duties. The separate position of AS Web Developer will remain as a job description, but there are no plans to have it filled anytime soon.

AS Personnel Director Brianne Kumar was in attendance to ask the board to appoint her office assistant to the recently vacated position of AS Assistant Personnel Director. The board approved this.

Afterward, the board went into executive session for approximately 30 minutes to discuss a sensitive personnel issue.

Once returning to open session, they discussed another motion to appoint Danielle Spaulding as the interim AS Assistant Business Director. The motion passed with five members voting for, one against and one abstaining. Spaulding will start her position on Oct. 1, and hold it until an official hiring process is completed.

Most of the members of the board were planning on attending a candlelight vigil in Red Square for Dwight Clark, which by that point in the meeting was less than half an hour away. Therefore a motion was made to delay any action on a number of items on the agenda until next week.

These items included charge and charters for committees including: Activities Council, Legislative Affairs Council, Alternative Transportation Committee, Structure Program and Advisory Committee, Student Tech Fee Committee, Ethnic Student Center Steering Committee, Green Energy Fee Committee and the Transportation Advisory Committee.

The vote to delay action passed with a vote of 6-1. Vice President for Diversity Bernard Ikegwuoha voted no.

The board adjourned at approximately 8:20 p.m.