At the Associated Students Board of Directors meeting this past Wednesday, the AS Board voted unanimously for the interim appointment of a Publicity Center graphic artist. The weekly hours of current graphic artists will decrease from 15 to 12 hours to allow for the new artist, who will work for the rest of this quarter. The Publicity Center had already determined who they will appoint.

Viking Union Director Jim Schuster presented a proposal for a digital LCD sign to display in the VU. A donor would likely pay $17,000 for the sign, and Schuster asked the board for an additional $8000 to $20,000 from supplemental funding to pay remaining costs of software, installation, and maintenance. The sign would display advertisements for campus events and include a news feed and weather report. The digital sign would create a new hourly Content Manager position at the Publicity Center.

Schuster said digital advertising would be effective at reaching 18 to 24 year old students who may overlook or ignore posters. Stefan Kalb, VP for Business and Operations, said he was concerned the sign was too expensive and there was no good location for it in the VU. Associated Students President Mark Iozzi pointed out that the funds for the sign could instead support another AS program. The board decided to table the action until next week.

The Publicity Center requested funds for a new computer, not to exceed $3500, which was approved unanimously.
The AS Board approved $800 from supplementary funding for the Drug Information Center to bring Mike Gray, author of Drug Crazy: How we got into this mess and how we can get out of it, to speak on April 26.

Student Senate Chair Seth Hersh introduced this month’s question to students, which is asking individuals why they did not run for an AS Board of Directors position. There are currently three unopposed candidates running for next year’s board: Ramiro Espinoza for President, Erik Lowe for VP for Legislative Affairs, and Kayla Britte for VP for Diversity.

AS Board Meetings are every Wednesday at 6 pm in Viking Union 567. They are always open to students and start with a public forum.