Before we get to this last board meeting let me give you a very brief summary of what happened in the board meeting the previous week (there was no space for a board report in the last edition).

The proposal by the Women’s Center to bring a workshop lead by trained experts from Babeland was unanimously approved by the board. Two years ago, Babeland, a sex shop then known as Toys in Babeland was not allowed to come to Western. Much of the reason the event wasn’t allowed to happen then was coupled with a media fiasco that National Outdoor Intercourse Day (which never actually happened). We’re talking Bill O’reilly type of media fiasco. All seems to be well know though and Babeland seems to be obn the way to put on a workshop on women’s sexual health.
Also in last week’s meeting, ASP Civil Controversy introduced an event that would be about masculinity and pornography. The event would be a debate between sociologist Michael Kimmel and former porn actor Ron Jeremy.

Fast-forward to this past week’s board meeting. Civil Controversy’s event was voted on. The board decided to split the the vote into two parts. The first being whether they wished to approve of the event and the second to be whether they would approve of a loan to help the event to happen (loans like these are pretty standard for any large event).

Approval of the event passed 6-1 with Vice President for Legislative Affairs, Antasia Parker, voting against the event.
The event was given the loan in a vote of 5-2. Vice President for Business and Operations, Stefan Kalb, joined Parker in voting against the loan.
The hiring committee for the Student Senate Chair was formed. James Sanders, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Coty Hogues Director of Specialty Music for KUGS, and Lacey Stuart a student senator will be the voting member of the hiring committee.

Also, the Enivornmental Center came to the board of directors with a proposal for a loan to bring Winiona LaDuke to Mt Baker Theater. LaDuke was Ralph Nader’s running mate for the 1996 and 2000 presidential elections.

The proposal was not voted on and was instead tabled (to be brought back next week) because of wording in the proposal. The concern that much of the wording in the proposal for the event was politically charged and very biased. The vote will occur this week after the proposal is revised.