The AS Review: What motivates you to seek out this position?

Brandon Turpin: I’ve been pretty involved with Western since my freshman year. I work with the Residence Hall Association right now so I represent the student voice already and I knew Ben Wurtz, who’s the VP for Student Life this year and I got talking to him about what this position entails and what benefits can come from it and how much you can help other students and what I can get from it and it just motivated me to like want to seek out even more and to run for the position just to get even more involved on campus and to represent even more students.

ASR: What groups of students might be easily overlooked by the AS Board, and what will you do to ensure that you represent them in your work?

Turpin: I think the groups of students that aren’t actually actively involved on campus, so that don’t sit on clubs and don’t seek out to get involved, so you have to make the motivation to get out and find other people and talk to them, you know, talk to people in Red Square, do different things to find the people that aren’t active already, who don’t sit on committees, don’ t sit on clubs, so find the people that aren’t already active.

ASR: Since you came to Western, what has been the most important issue facing students that went unaddressed or was dealt with poorly? What issue would you say has been addressed most positively?

Turpin: I think that there’s been times where the student voice has been overlooked. I’ve seen it happen where our opinions have been taken into consideration but they haven’t actually been heard and I think that we need to address that more to figure out who the people are that want to motivate us and figure out those, I would say, the higher up people, I don’t know how to word that but make sure that they actually listen to what we have to say and make sure that our voice actually is heard more.

That’s a tough question. I’d say that in some ways though, I’d say that the AS works well with, finding diversity and still being inclusive with everybody in making sure that they try and hear everyone’s voice. It’s hard to hear everybody but they do their best to make sure that everybody is included so I’d say that’s probably the easiest way.

ASR: What are your three biggest goals for next year? Turpin: Next year I want to make sure to hear everybody. I want to make sure that everyone’s opinion is heard and I want to try and hold bimonthly or quarterly forums or like activities, get together to where I can get to know more students on campus, they can get to know me and know that I want to be here to represent them. That is a suggestion that was actually given to me from somebody else, just to make sure that everybody’s voice is heard that doesn’t sit on the committees, like I said. And then third I would say to get to know as many of the AS clubs as I can. I only know a few right now but there are some that, you know, I didn’t even know existed until I started running for this position, so really get to know as many of the clubs as I possibly can that are involved in the AS.

ASR: When a student comes to you with a question that is beyond the scope of your job, how will you respond to this student? Turpin: Take down as much of their information as I can, get them to the right person that is involved with whatever their question is asking and if I don’t know the person that they’re asking then I’ll, go to someone I know that could answer that question or ask someone that’s higher up above me that knows who I could go to to get them the answer.