859,704 Population of Ottawa, Ontario (the capital of Canada). Washington D.C.’s population is 582,049. While we’re on the topic here’s another Canadian fun fact for you, the current Prime Minister of our neighbors to the north is Stephen Harper.

1809 On this day in 1809 Abraham Lincoln was born. His birthday became a national holiday in 1892.

2000 On this day in 2000 former Dallas Cowboys coach Tom Landry died. On the same day Peanuts cartoonist, Charles Schulz, died. Just a short time after that the final “Peanuts” strip ran.

1,070 The record number of dimples on a golf ball. The standard usually is around 300-450 dimples.

1909 On this day in 1909 the N.A.A.C.P. was founded.

900 The approximate number of miles that US astronaut Lisa Nowak drove--wearing a diaper--to allegedly kidnap (along with possibly murder) a fellow female astronaut.