Why are you seeking this position?

Because I feel that the AS needs to have strong leadership every year but especially considering the sort of revenue environment we’re facing now it’s important to have experience and knowledgeable leadership on the AS Board of directors and I think I can provide that in the position of Vice President of Business Operations.

What do you think is the role of Vice President for Business & Operations?

The position serves a few different functions, chief among which is acting as a resource for departmental directors within the AS. One of the responsibilities of the position is chairing the AS Management council which is a forum for directors to improve hiring and training practices, program standards, and other things of that nature. On top of that I see a growing roll for creating leadership in this position not necessarily in the format of sharing a lot of committees but in terms of expanding outreach to students and getting hirer quality and higher quantity student input.

What is one issue affecting students that you would like to focus on or work on next?

I would like to rededicate the Associated Students to its mission of greater public outreach the creation just this last year of the communications marketing office is a big step in that direction but I fee the board of directors especially as public figures have a responsibility to follow through with that plan to implement a strategic plan that was put forward not long ago. And so I think if students are given the tools to engage the Associated Students as an open a vibrant organization then the entire campus will benefit from that, not just the organization that uses the Associated Students.


Official campaign statment:

My name is John von Volkli and I am running for VP for Business and Operations because I want to continue making a difference on our campus and in our community.

In the coming year, I hope to foster a more transparent and dynamic culture within the Associated Students, one that further values the benefits of student input and concerns. The realization of this goal will ensure that the AS maintains its role as a centerpiece of the Viking experience. My base of knowledge gained while serving as the AS Assessment Associate Director and as a volunteer has given me the tools to make this a reality.

This election cycle, vote for experience; vote for commitment; vote for clear vision.