Candidate statement:

As president, I look forward to being a visible resource who remains attentive to student concerns for the duration of my service. I intend to build upon the foundations that [current president] Anna [Ellermeier] and other past Presidents have laid in order to continue improving the Associated Students as a body which supports and actively represents the students of Western. The AS Board is an advocacy board elected to help students find the support and resources necessary to actualize their goals. In cooperation with my VPs and peers, I will empower students as self-advocates to take initiative with their voices and their actions. My steadfast curiosity and natural leadership will assist me in continually learning and successfully implementing ways to best serve the students of Western.

Why are you seeking this position?

I know that I am the most qualified candidate for the position, and secondly I think it’s so important to recognize the work that the current AS board has done, as well as past AS Boards, specifically Anna [Ellermeier] and all the work they have put in. I can build off those foundations, while jointly recognizing that there needs to be change in a lot of areas within the AS but not discounting their work. I would like to build up the foundations they have laid while also implementing my own ideas.

What do you believe is the role of president?

The role of AS president is to be a spokesperson for the entire board as well as the entire student body. I will be representing students at the state level as well as at the federal level. My role will be to represent the student body and represent them well, using their ideas and their voices to get those ideas across to legislators while also inviting them to do the same. One of my biggest beliefs is that I want to empower people through the AS, and use that as a stepping stone and give them the tools to use their own voices.

I believe that a really important role of the AS president is to be a strong listener, and I am hoping to increase involvement with the Board of Directors next year and the AS in general so the students can bring their voices. I can, as president, listen and be an advocate for them; to empower [them] to use their voices and their experiences.

What is one issue affecting students that you would like to work on next year?

A big concern of mine is sustainability on campus. I know the VP for student life works very much with sustainability. That is a huge portion of that position, and I would love to work with that person to implement composting campus-wide, which I’m already working on through the community improvement fund committee in residence life. Right now, we’re starting a new pilot project in Fairhaven, which we hope to expand to the rest of the residence halls and eventually on the whole campus.