Candidate statement:

My name is Victor Celis and I am running to serve as your AS Vice President for Academic Affairs. I am the most qualified and experienced candidate to fill this position because of my involvement with various campus committees and groups such as the Academic Coordinating Commission and the AS Student Senate. While at Western I have actively engaged in issues that matter most to the students and have influenced policies and regulations that impact students daily such as the HigherOne Refunding Program and various resolutions within the Student Senate. This position requires someone trustworthy and experienced to represent and involve students in university decisions, and I am that person. Vote for me, Victor Celis, to build a university that best represents who we are.

Why are you seeking this position?

I have a passion for serving the students of Western. I believe I have the experience and dedication to represent the students to the AS and the university. This position has the ability to reach every student at the core reason of why they are here at Western. The students deserve someone with the responsibility to make the changes for them.

What do you think is the role of VP for academic affairs?

I view the role of the AS vice president for academic affairs as the link between the students of Western, the Associated Students as an organization and the university. With my experience on various committees, like the Academic Coordinating Commission and the University Planning and Resource Council, I have been able to build relationships with key faculty members and administration that are critical to making the academic changes that students want and need.

What is one issue affecting students that you would like to focus or work on next year?

One issue I want to focus on next year is student involvement in key university decisions. On many occasions there have been major decisions that often went unheard of until after the fact. I want to work on increasing opportunities for students to be active in those decisions. For example, many students felt that they had no say in the switch to Higher One for refunding this past fall. While there were a few students involved in the transition process, there were no opportunities for a broader student audience to have a say. In the future of academic decisions and university decisions, I want students to be in the loop, and aware of what is happening in these committees. To do so, I want to increase the connection between the AS and university colleges and departments to reach groups of students who may not be involved with the AS, but are active in their academic programs. I also want to increase the variety of students on university committees so that many student voices are heard by the administration rather than just a few. Student input is always desired by the university, and as ASVP for academic affairs, I will strive to increase that input and involvement.