Candidate statement:

You should vote “Hagen for Activities” for two reasons: experience and passion.

As club president of both Out of State Students Association and Lady Gaga club, as a club representative on Activities Council, and as a Club Hub Intern I have been working to create a clear infrastructure for clubs to utilize in order to gain access to resources that augment the impact of club activities on Western’s campus.

My passion for clubs is proven by my dedication and involvement and now I seek to follow that passion as it guides me to the Board of Directors.

With that in mind, I hope you will help me help clubs by voting Hagen for Activities.


Why are you seeking this position?

I am running for this position because I’ve been involved in club activities since my freshman year on Western’s campus. I have personally seen a lot of the values that they can provide to students on campus as well as creating a nice, positive sense of community on campus. I would like to use my skills and my expertise in the area of AS clubs to better the club system in general.

What do you think is the role of VP for activities?

The role of my specific position is to be the liaison between the Board of Directors and clubs on campus. That means to not only represent students to the Board of Directors, but to also powerfully advocate for clubs to the Board of Directors as well as trying to create and augment resources for clubs.

What is one issue affecting students that you would like to focus or work on next year?

This doesn’t directly affect students but it affects clubs specifically. There is essentially a complete and total lack of infrastructure for clubs on campus, with only four employees for more than 200 clubs. I would like to address that discrepancy and create more infrastructure for clubs by using the Club Hub interns which were newly formed this quarter, as well as looking into creative reimplementation ideas for Inter-Club Council. Other than that, I think the most beneficial thing for clubs would be just to empower the club activities office in general to allow them to represent clubs on campus.