Candidate statement:

I alone cannot represent such a broad statement like diversity; we do. I hope to progress diversity, through Awareness, Outreach, and Empowerment, making the campus a place that welcomes you. I want Western to show the world that being different is a beautiful thing, because being different is not something to fear or undervalue, or think of as unimportant. The differences in our identities, known and unknown, are beautiful. Instead of giving me the opportunity to represent you, I hope to open opportunities for us to represent ourselves. If I can get your vote, I will dedicate my whole self in unifying our Western family through the celebration of differences, and the promotion of Diversity.

Why are you seeking this position?

I am seeking this position because I honestly believe that I could help make Western a place that welcomes all identities. I believe I can do more than represent students. I can empower students to represent themselves. I know that Western can show the world that being different is a beautiful thing. It is not something to fear or oppress or neglect or undermine or undervalue as something that is unimportant — because our differences and identities, visible and invisible, are beautiful. We all contribute to diversity. I want this position because I believe that we could take our understanding of diversity deeper and further.

What do you think is the role of VP for diversity?

I think the role of the VP for diversity is meant to increase awareness, outreach and empowerment of all identities — especially underrepresented groups. The VP for diversity should be working with all identity- based groups, building solidarity and understanding, and making sure that all decisions made on the board are always inclusive to all identities.

What is one issue affecting students that you would like to work on next year?

I would first like to redefine diversity. The university recognizes that diversity is important. I want to get the university to implement diversity as a priority. It is not enough to say we believe in equality and that we are against discrimination. There are deeper issues of identities that we neglect by trying to homogenize diversity by saying we are all the same. I mean, yes, we are all human, but unless we embrace our differences our efforts in diversity fall short.

I want to deepen our understanding of diversity and from there accomplish goals of awareness, outreach and empowerment.