Tino Quiroga – VP for Activities

-What experience do you have that qualifies you for the position you are running for?

I am a freshman so I’ve been really involved; I’ve always been involved in leadership and leadership has always been the thing that I have loved and strived for. So I have always been involved with AS and the clubs in my school. So I started out as being a leader in my school, I started out as treasurer of my school and then I did public relations and then I went ahead and did president my senior year. So it was really exciting to see that aspect of the ASB in high school. Also my junior year I moved up to be vice president of my league. The league is I believe nine schools, and you reside over those schools and you help with educational reform of those schools, and help out with leadership, help build leadership for those schools. For those candidates that come the presidents, the vice presidents, the treasurers, the secretaries all those that come to the meeting you help build that relationship and leadership qualities there at that school so that everybody can have that same aspect. Also from there I was elected a position from those nine schools it was an honor to do that. Also form there I moved up from that position to the president, and from there I was elected from those nine schools to a statewide board which is called the WASC, Washington Associated Student Councils. So I moved up from my high school level to a regional level and then a state level of leadership. There we did a lot of education reform. We worked with [the superintendent] and we helped through educational reform, we do a lot of programs for high schools. So there I used a lot of my leadership skills. It was just an honor to be on the student council and be on a board for the student councils of Washington State, a high Washington honor. And then on from there we went to the national level, of national association of student councils and helped out and went to a conference there. It was just an amazing experience to have gone from a small level high school to all the way to the national level of leadership qualities and skills. So I feel like I really have a lot of those qualities of leadership instilled in me because of the things I have encountered.
This year at Western I have jumped in it think a lot, into leadership roles in my community. I am currently treasurer of my hall council. It was cool to get shoved in; so many people encouraged me to do that. And I was like ‘oh it would be a really cool experience to just help out in the community’. So on form there I’ve had a lot of open windows and a lot of opportunities and doors open towards me. I was on the ACE leadership planning committee, which is actually a program that was put on by the vice president of activities. So I have a lot of experience helping plan that. I think that will be a lot of advantage for me. Also I went to it so I can see what it looked like last year and help improve on that. I think that it can be so much better, it was amazing this year, I think that it can grow and grow because it is only in its third year. So next year it will be even better than it was this year. I mean it was amazing this year but I think things can always improve. I have a vision and I can definitely help improve on that. So it was just important to me to get into leadership positions and help better my community. I like to leave things better than I found them. That is the thing that has been instilled in me.

-What are your three biggest goals you wish to accomplish?
My first one is definitely student leadership skills because there are student leadership in every single situation. Whether it be a group of friends or you’re involved in AS clubs, or if you are in the AS in general. You have all a bunch if leadership skills and qualities and you need to enhance those, I think that’s very important. So I want to do that for the groups and AS affiliates, hall councils, pretty much anywhere. The way I want to do that is through Arthur Dunklin and Renee Collins, they have a leadership class and I want to promote that, those leadership skills and leadership qualities that they have in their program.
Also the ACE leadership conference is a big huge part of the AS VP for Activities. So there I want to have of workshops for those people for the clubs and for individual people. I want to help to reach out more to more of the campus to help bring those people into the retreat of that weekend. Help them go to that conference and gain those skills that they need, because people need delegation skills, there’s a bunch of leadership skills that people may have but need to hone. So that is a great quality that people need to have.
I want to champion campus resources, making them more accessible to people. I want to get out the word of the AS clubs and I want to bring it to the community and not necessarily have them bring it to me. I’ve had the experience of getting involved in a club and I was not necessarily sure of how to get involved in the club or if there was clubs. So I want to help get the information out to the campus, because the people that are involved with the clubs are very accepting to people that come. I don’t think we have a problem accepting people and bringing them in, were doing an awesome job. I’ve seen it personally and it may just be my personal experience but the people that I’ve encountered in the clubs are amazing, there great, and they are happy people. And they are accepting and you don’t necessarily have to be, like for an ethnicity group, you don’t necessarily have to be that ethnicity to just support what they do and they are willing and accepting to what you have to say. So long as you are supporting them they are totally gung-ho about having you come in. So it is great, I love that, and I want to show the Western community haw great it is and defiantly come in we’ll take you. I have talked to a lot of people ‘do you know about the clubs on campus’ and people are like ‘Not necessarily’ and I am like ‘Well you can check out these things on the website, online and check out those clubs’ and people are starting to get interested in it. That interest is out there for those clubs they just need to be brought out. I think you can do that through info fairs, fall, winter and spring, helping them bring it out to their residence halls. Just getting it out to the community whether it be through the halls or whether it be in Red Square and having a whole big huge info fair out there. Making it accessible to the community is probably a great way to make better our campus resources.
I really want to strengthen the networks between the clubs and the AS affiliates, and then also other clubs. I think it is really important that we center in as a community. I have talked to a couple different clubs and they like the connection they have with another club or another AS affiliate and it is really strengthening the club. I would like to see that in other clubs and if they have club connections or networks I want to help them keep those connections. If they don’t I want to help them get as many connections as they possibly need.

-Could you explain how you would have more connections?
Just getting them in contact with the resources that they need. Say for example the LGBTA wanted to keep in contact with a certain AS affiliate or if they wanted to get in contact with another group, of if somebody in the LGBTA wanted to get in contact with FASA, the Filipino American Student Association, they wanted to be in there but also be in there but they didn’t know too much about it. Well I want to help them be able to network and say ‘hey I am the president of this let me get in contact with your president’, that president of the LGBTA would get in contact with that person because that person would go to their president and they would have that connection. I want to be that person that they can come to and feel comfortable talking to and say ‘here let me get you contacted with this, I would love for you to have this network’, just do as many things as I possibly can for the club. Definitely making the resources available to them is going to help make that club a lot stronger and better for the individuals that join to, not only for the club but for the people that re in there.

-How do you hope to build larger student familiarity and student involvement in the AS?

I think my prime area for VP of Activities deals a lot with it, because the clubs are
a big part of the community of the AS. So again having hose resources reached out to the community, so I’d have info fairs and I’d have information sessions and I’d have flyers hanging out. We are doing a great job of having heritage festivals and getting out the word like that. It is easy to go to those because it’s like ‘oh it’s five bucks and lets go and get dinner and see a show, and oh look I am Filipino and I didn’t know there was a Filipino American Association, and so I am going to get involved with it’, there are so many people that are out there that are just really interested but not necessarily sure what they can do, or how easy it is to get involved with it. So bringing it out to the community getting people involved with it. I think also promoting the online site. Because a lot of people may not want to go talk to a person one-on-one they might want to be discrete about it and just look on line. So like ‘Oh here is that great thing’, so I want to make that more accessible. So maybe more direct for on line sites for clubs and activities, so possibly getting a calendar more accessible and open to the students. I am a freshman and I am not necessarily sure what events are going on and there is probably something out there, like there is a calendar that the publicity center puts pout but I am not necessarily sure where that is. So I want to help people and facilitate a show and show them where that is, and help make it more known. By making the AS more known in general, bringing the respect back into the AS and having that upheld.

-Would you name one or two decisions that the board has made this year, that you disagree with, or at least the way they have gone about the decision, that you disagree with

I am not quite sure about a lot of issues with the AS that I disagree with. I don’t really fee comfortable answering that.

-Any thing to add?

I am really excited to see what can happen with the bus passes. This election, the voting process is not only going to have what the candidates are running for but it is also going to have the bus pass issue on there. So I think it is really important for students to vote, to hear their voice. Even if you don’t really care who is going to be in office next year, I mean you should really care, but the bus passes can directly impact an individual person because it is going to be into your tuition it is going to be $25 to $28 that is going to be put into your tuition if it does pass. My personal view on the bus pass issue is that I think it is good for students. People who have cars they may think it’s not a good idea but gas prices are going up insurance is always going to be there just it is going to be a lot more convenient for people in general to have that bus transportation there. Me as a freshman living on campus, it would be so nice to have it. I already pay for it right now $30 so it would be five dollars cheaper, and so it is really nice. I think if we had the opportunity, to have the bus pass, a lot more people would use it. People may think that they are not going to be able to use it but I think once they see that they have it, it will be such a great opportunity they will be excited to have it and have it again and again. Twenty-five dollars a quarter I feel like I wouldn’t be able to see too much of it because it is in my tuition and my housing and stuff. So it is not that big of a deal to me, but I see how it could be for somebody else that is paying for their school. But I feel like a lot of people on campus would get a lot of use out of it, not to mention how much will come from it being passed. Like later transportation, open later in the night at the dining halls so people can do what they want to do and eat at different times and have more freedom as a college student.

Aaron Garcia – VP for Activities

-What experience do you have that qualifies you for the position you are running for?

I guess I will start off by saying that I have always been driven my whole life to be involved with the school I work with. Throughout high school I was always involved, like I was the Associated student body president my senior year, so I have experience just working with contracts, like being in charge of the budget for the soda machine company and the vending machine. As of here at Western, I have just been members of a lot of clubs so I haven’t held any officer positions here but I have always been involved and helped out with putting on the things that the clubs put on. Like Heritage dinners and just activities. I am part of FASA, the Filipino American Student Association, LSU, the Latino Student Union, VSA, Vietnamese Student Association, and just a lot of ethnic Student Center clubs. I am also on the Diversity Task Force, and we just put on a lot of workshops and things on campus, we are working on a religious week for this quarter, actually it looks like a religion two day event, and we are just trying to foster diversity.

-What are your three biggest goals you wish to accomplish?

I want to work on club membership, there is close to 200 clubs on campus, but there are not enough people going to these clubs, and I want to figure out what it is that makes people just not interested. Ts it that they just don’t know, is it they’re just not interested, what we can do? I want to work with clubs, in getting people to come out. Especially freshmen, because when I was a freshman I was intimidated to go out to these clubs because a lot of people, I don’t know them, and just making people realize that this is for you and you should feel comfortable coming to them. So working on info fairs and stuff like that, that’s my first goal.
Second goal is working on having our professors and faculty and staff come to these clubs, these events that we host because I think it is important to get faculty people here, to get to know them, they are here not just to teach us but to guide us through our education. I think one once you get to know them personally it really helps you with networking, just getting to know the things you can do after you graduate. They are great tools and I know that they are busy too and that they cannot always come to our events, but I know that some people could come and for some reason they’re not.
The third thing is a combination, a lot of clubs try to do a lot of things but they don’t have enough members, like volunteer work and stuff like that. So creating a source where people can network with other clubs and know what is going on on campus with other clubs and their’s. Have people come to the AS Leadership Conference that I will be in charge of, I don’t want to make it mandatory that all clubs come but to get as much participation from all the clubs to co come to the conference so you can meet other people and know what the plan is for next year.

-How do you hope to build large student familiarity and involvement with the Associated Students? What are some of the ways that you want to go about that?

If I get elected the first thing I am going to do, at least two or three times a month I am going to be out there on Red Square, rain, shine, snow whatever just be out there so that people know what I am doing I am going to try and give them as much information about what the clubs that are here on campus let people realize that they can make their own club, if they find something that they don’t know, they can do it. Make myself physically available so they know what I am, what I am doing, what my role is, because don’t feel that people [know] enough about the senate and they don’t know enough about the board of directors, and they don’t know what we do, and we represent them but it doesn’t work, if you don’t know what you are representing how can you represent it? So I am definitely going to be just more out there.

-Would you name one or two decisions that the board has made this year, that you disagree with, or at least the way they have gone about the decision, that you disagree with.

Ron Jeremy, I think that was a big issue that went back and forth, and I think if they had asked the associated body, the students, what they thought about that instead of just, because that was an issue that they kind of picked on their own behalf of what they felt and I think if they had asked more people on campus what they thought they would have gotten a different response.(* the board approved the Ron Jeremy event 6-1, it was cancelled by Viking Union staff)

-how so?

You have to be able to know what the people want and what you think and you have to make a decision on that and I know that some people though what they thought and stick by that. Some people were against it and they didn’t really know what the student body wanted.
I guess another thing is the sign thing that they have been working on over the week, that took a good couple of weeks to figure out, but I guess it is good to spend time, but ultimately they decided to worry about it as it came, as it comes, the logistics, and I think they should figure those things out before hand and not wait until later.

-Is there anything that you would like to add?

I guess I am just passionate about this job; I really want to do it. I really want to represent Western. I guarantee you that next year is going to be grater than this year, and I have plans and great ideas for the school. I hope people vote for me