Candidate statement:

When I first stepped foot on campus, finding my home in the Associated Students, my passion to create the premier experience for EVERY Western student ignited.

As an AS Board assistant for the past two years, I have demonstrated sincere drive to empower student voice:

•Bolstering student involvement and AS accessibility by aiding in establishment of the AS Communications Office
•Engaging in foundational enhancements to the Green Energy Fee
•Protecting your right to higher education by organizing successful legislative advocacy

My dedicated leadership experience and compassionate nature makes me the best qualified candidate to address your needs. Elect Katie Savinski, so I may expand the relationship between the AS and campus athletics, guide improvements to campus dining services, and increase outreach to underrepresented students.

Why are you seeking this position?

I am seeking the position for Associated Students vice president for student life because I’ve always been passionate about engaging and empowering students everywhere. I’ve worked with the Vice President for Student Life for two years now, this current year as the assistant to the Vice President for Student Life and the assistant to the Vice President for Governmental Affairs. That experience has provided me with a substantial grasp on not only what the Vice President for Student Life position requires, [and] how the Board of Directors represents Western students. It’s also shown me the importance of fighting for our rights for higher education and the coinciding opportunities that come with that. Together, with my knowledge of the AS, and my leadership experience and my unwavering passion, I think I really can bring to the table the strong leadership that Western students need and deserve to see continuing in their Board of Directors.

What do you think is the role of the VP for student life?

The role of the Vice president for student life is to be the liaison between campus housing and dining, athletics, campus recreation and the AS, of course. That position also tackles the Alternative Transportation Fee, the Green Energy Fee, Campus Safety and Health. To go even broader, as a member of the Board of Directors, the VP for Student Life is also representative of all Western students, and is essentially the go-to vice president for the university when it comes to making Western unique outside of academics.

What is one issue affecting students that you would like to focus or work on next year?

I definitely want to continue working on educating students about the Green Energy Fee process, and the grant program emphasis of ours. As Western strives for 100 percent offset through the projects that have been implemented so far, I’d really like to see administrator and student collaboration for the next few years, we can see sustainability on a larger scale. I hope that working on that sort of shared government level will set an example for strong partnership in the future with other AS programs, administration, and then follow with enthusiasm from the campus population.