Dozens of artists will rock their talent this week when they perform at the fourth annual Pilipino Culture night, hosted by the Filipino American Student Association and the Northwest Filipino Student Association.

The showcase will feature Western students and performers from all over the state on Friday, April 13 in the Viking Union Multipurpose Room. Festivities begin at 7 p.m. and last until 10 p.m. Tickets are $8 for Western students and NWFASA members, and $12 for the public.

Kevin Titco, a member of the association, said the main performer will be Filipino singer and songwriter Melissa Polinar. She will perform at the end of the evening and her CDs will be sold during and after the show, he said.

Other acts range in type and genre, he said. They include one folk dancing group, two break dancers, various dance groups, two spoken-word performances and six singing acts, he said. The dance group Sinigang, a hip-hop group from Western, will also perform, he said. They performed at Pilipino Culture Night last year as well.

The musical acts will represent a variety of eras and genres, he said.

“Some will sing cartoon or TV show theme songs from your childhood,” Titco said.

Some of the artists are from Bellingham, but groups are also coming from other cities including Seattle, he said. Titco said the purpose of Pilipino Night is to showcase Filipino talent and provide entertainment for students and the community.

The setup for the event will be different from the years before, he said. The stage will have a dramatic backdrop with lighting from the back, and it will go with theme, “Ating Panahon.” It is a Tagalog phrase – the native language of the Philippines – which means, “our time, our generation.”

Titco said the stage setup is more modern than in the past few years, which was just a curtain backdrop on the stage.

Last year there were 170 seats available and the performance sold out, he said.

This year the event will be held in a bigger space, and about 250 seats will be available. Titco said he expects the seats to be filled.
Comedian Rex Navarette will no longer be performing at the event as previously advertised.