Matt Crowley/The AS Review

For those of us who won’t be traveling to George, Wash. for the 10th annual Sasquatch! Music Festival, there are still chances to catch great bands in (hopefully) sunny weather. On Wednesday, May 25 at 8 p.m. in the Performing Arts Center concert hall, Seattle-based band The Head and The Heart will be playing a free show for Western students. Tickets can be picked up (again, for free!) at the PAC box office. We sat down with AS Productions Pop Music Coordinator Sam Eisen-Meyers to get his thoughts on the band and another year of great music at Western.

The AS Review:  Why did you decide to bring The Head and The Heart and Wheedle’s Groove to Western?

Sam Eisen-Meyers: The Head and The Heart is a perfect example of a band that has crossed over into more of the nationally recognized scene. Their recent success is highlighted by selling out the Moore [Theatre] and the Showbox, getting booked on major summer festivals, signing with a major record label and going on international tours. Wheedle’s Groove is a great example of history within music, and will offer a new, funky soul twist to the end of the year. Both bands are playing Sasquatch!, and I was hoping to create an evening of music that would offer an opportunity for students and community members to get a sample if they didn’t get a chance to buy tickets for [Sasquatch!].

Review: Why did you decide to make it free?

Eisen-Meyers: It seemed like a great opportunity to thank the students and community for an amazing year.

Review: When you’re booking a show, how do you decide whether to hold it in the [Performing Arts Center] or the [Viking Union Multipurpose Room]?

Eisen-Meyers: Well, first off, the [PAC mainstage] was available, and I thought it would be a great venue to suit The Head and The Heart. It really depends on the overall energy of the band, their style of music, and what venue will best articulate the music’s overall feel.

Review: What would you say makes a show different in the PAC versus a show in the MPR?

Eisen-Meyers: Well the PAC is really more of a theatre, and it’s a little bit more intimate. Since there are seats it allows people to sit and stand to listen to the music. Different stage, different lighting, it’s really more of a different overall feel.

What are your thoughts on the recent increase in big-name bands coming to Bellingham?

: I think it’s great. After being in school in Bellingham for two years, and being totally oblivious to the scene, it’s been amazing to see and witness the size of the musical community here, and I think it’s a great market, the venues and promoters do a great job of booking in this town. Bellingham has now become nationally known for stops on tours and it will continue to grow as time goes on.

Review: How has your year as Pop Coordinator gone?

Eisen-Meyers: It’s definitely had its obstacles, and its frustrations and complexities. However, all in all, it’s been a great overall experience working within ASP.

Review: What advice would you give to next year’s coordinator?

Eisen-Meyers: Always stay positive. Keep things in perspective. And enjoy the contradictions and challenges, because they only make us stronger.