First up, the clarification. We got a letter from Chiho Lai, regarding David Cahn’s letter to the editor in last week’s issue (“Solution can not be found in nitpicking dialogue of letters”). It was the latest in the long-legged back-and-forth we’ve played host to since the original White Privilege Week articles.

Lai feels Cahn’s letter unjustly associated Lai’s personal views— as an independent student— with the official positions of the groups to which Lai belongs.

Lai wants us to make sure we clarify that his opinions are not representative of the Western Democrats or their policy and platforms.


In other news, you may have noticed last week’s issue was marred with some pretty bizarre technical issues. A page of the FLASH got overmagnified during printing (which thankfully wasn’t my fault!) but the muck-up on pages 6 and 7 was in fact my fault. After a few days of InDesign searching, I’ve discovered that control-shift-K is the official “screw everything up” command I managed to invoke.

So, mea culpa. The only content loss (besides a headline on Jo Goes) was the end of Shannon Hutchinson’s board report— which went a little something like this...


The final action item came from Casey Clark, the AS Productions Special Events coordinator. He requested a $3,000 funds transfer because an event with lower than expected ticket sales tapped most of their remaining budget. Clark did not want to put the office into debt at the end of the year. The Board approved the request.

Senate chair Chiho Lai delivered the Student Senate report. Lai reported that a resolution regarding student leadership development and proposed bylaws revisions would be presented for approval at the next Board meeting.

The May 10 meeting was the fourth to last meeting of the year. If you haven’t been to a meeting this year, keep in mind that our last one is Wednesday, May 31 at 5 p.m. in Viking Union 567.