The AS Review: What motivates you to seek out this position?

Colin Watrin: I really love being involved on campus and have been doing stuff on campus since my freshman year here, working a lot with a couple different offices, new student services and right now the office of admissions and I just really like working with people and interacting with students and I’m involved in a few different clubs. I think that I can have a positive impact on student activities around campus and help students enjoy their time here at Western.

ASR: What groups of students might be easily overlooked by the AS Board, and what will you do to ensure that you represent them in your work?

Watrin: There’s a lot of, I guess you’d call it invisible minorities on campus with the LGBT, veterans, young parents, groups like that, religious minorities, that you can’t exactly see just by looking and one of my goals next year is working with activities and clubs to promote events that kind of reach out to those types of groups. I want to do a lot of work next year with whoever is elected to VP for Diversity and try to do events and clubs and things that reach out to those populations.

ASR: Since you came to Western, what has been the most important issue facing students that went unaddressed or was dealt with poorly?

Watrin: One that kind of comes to mind, I guess, is maybe the some of the controversy that’s come up over Chick-Fil-A. I feel like there’s been a lot of kind of student talk about it but there’s never been anything really happening. I know that there have been student groups formed that kind of are in protest of that, and some students that aren’t wanting that group and haven’t seen anything happen about that or the administration kind of respond to it, but I’m not sure, that’s what I’ve seen at this point. There could be things happening that I’m not sure about, but I feel like it could be addressed a little more.

I feel like the AS has done a good job of establishing a lot of things, especially with the Ethnic Student Center. I just went to the Latino Student Union dinner last night which was a big success… and I feel like there’s been a lot of kind of growth and improvement in kind of groups and activities like that in the last few years since I’ve been here.

ASR: What are your three biggest goals for next year?

Watrin: That’s great. My three key points to my platform are to increase awareness of clubs and activities, involvement and recognition. I feel like there’s just so many opportunities here on campus for students to get involved in that a lot of people just don’t know about, so that’s where the awareness comes in first of all. I want to see some things going on on campus, I want perhaps a club of the week feature in The AS Review so we get the word out to clubs, a more comprehensive and up-to-date club and activities calendar than what’s up in the VU right now. I’d like to see something online, maybe an online calendar and I’d also like to have the “this week at WWU” e-mails that go out to all the freshman. I’d like to have those go out to all the students on campus so that they’re available and people know what’s going on, so that’s one of my main goals, is awareness. Involvement kind of goes along with that; if more people are aware, they’re more likely to get involved. And the more people are involved on campus, that’s great, because, I mean, college is about going to classes and doing your academic thing, but there’s so much more to it than that, just going to classes and getting your degree, there’s so many opportunities and other places to learn than just from classes, that if students could get involved with they could learn a lot more outside the classroom. Recognition is the last one, and that is to just get the word out we have so many phenomenal groups on campus that do amazing work that just kind of goes unnoticed, so give them some props.

ASR: When a student comes to you with a question that is beyond the scope of your job, how will you respond to this student?

Watrin: Well, I’d definitely find out as much as I could about their situation and then direct them to the right person, whether that be one of the other [members of the] board of directors or a different club or office or resource on campus. I feel like over the years here I’ve gained a pretty good knowledge of all the resources on campus and feel like I could direct them to the right place or take them to the right place or find out the answers for them if they’re not comfortable going out to that place themselves, I can do some research and get back to them.