This week the WWU Political Science Association is proudly hosting Congo Week. Events will be taking place until Oct. 21.

Congo Week as an international effort that takes place all over the world (roughly 35 countries & 150 campuses) to raise consciousness about the 6 million people who have died in Congo over the past 15 years in the scramble for their mineral wealth that goes into everyday devices such as cell phones, laptops, and airplanes.

This year Western is hosting four events:

MONDAY OCT 18 - Red Square - We are making a giant banner in Red Square with 1500 handprints of people who care about Congo to represent the 1500 people who are dying each day from war and malnutrition in the region. The banner will be sent to either a school or hospital in Congo.

TUESDAY OCT 19 - Fraser 4 - Congo Film Festival - We will be showing a number of films related to Congo, including some awesome shorts and rap videos from the region!

WEDNESDAY OCT 20 - Comm 120 - Expert Panel on the Conflict - Featuring Doctor Vernon Johnson from the political science department and others, the panel will be delving deep into the challenges Congo faces and some things that need to be done to bring peace to the region.

THURSDAY OCT 21 - Fairhaven Auditorium - Rock for Congo Benefit Concert - Come groove with the Barefoot Brothers, WWU Hip-Hop Dance Team, Dubble Penetration, Enzyme (the beatboxing sensation) and other special guests!

Also, check out the Friends of Congo Livestream!