I hereby challenge you to top my renting woes. Here's a very shortlist of the things that have been terribly wrong with my homes.

- Repairmen that come into your room in the morning while you're sleeping and then continue to look around but don't fix anything.

- Windows that fall out and aren't repaired for a full-year.

- Construction workers that randomly assure you that they don't wipe they're boogers on your house, they instead wipe them on their clothes.(yea this isn't bad at all, it's just damn funny)

- A heating system for a full-year that only consists of cooking pot pies in the oven.

- And most uniquely, having a brand new sliding glass door installed in the second story of my house that leads to a 15 foot drop.

So bring it on, show me what you've got. Use the lines below to tell me your story. The best (meaning the worst) answer will have some custom-made business cards coming their way. Entries are due by Friday, June 1 @ 4 p.m. in Viking Union 411 (Publicity Center) or by email at as.review@wwu.edu.