Photo by Erik Simkins/The AS Review

Photo by Erik Simkins/The AS Review

By Shawna Leader and Allison Milton/The AS Review

During a recent foray into the grocery store, a problem I like to call the Trail Mix Conundrum arose. I was looking for the perfect snack, the in between meals treat that keeps me going through the day. The bulk bins offer a variety of trail mixes, but none that exactly suited my taste. The first kind had almonds, pumpkin seeds and … raisins? Not a fan. Another had plenty of tasty dried fruits, but also stringy bits of coconut. Not my favorite, either.

But here’s a solution: why not make your own trail mix using what’s available individually in the bulk bins? That way, I could combine the ingredients of my choosing. Below you’ll find two combinations; use them for inspiration, but remember that the point is to tweak them to match your tastes. Trail mix comes in many forms and will change depending on what you need. A high-protein mix, such as the Hiker’s Mix, is great to take along for a walk or late-night study session. The Sweet Snack Mix works well for potlucks or a treat to yourself and your friends.

Another point to remember: you don’t have to climb a mountain to enjoy trail mix. Whether you are walking across campus or hiking to Oyster Dome, trail mix is any easy way to stay energized and snack heartily.

Hiker’s Trail Mix
Dried cranberries
Sliced dried apples
Sliced dried mangoes
Sliced almonds
Granola (I used Original Stout)

Sweet Snack Mix
Chocolate covered raisins
Coconut shavings
Dried apricots
Teddy Grahams
Yogurt covered granola