Last week there was a mammoth of a printing error. On page 10 there was an article on the Outback and how it was being brought into the AS fold. This article ran the week prior. What should have been on that page was a story on I.C.E. (which is on page 3 of this issue). Somehow the two pages got switched around at the printing press.

The Outback article was old news. Since the time that article was written the AS Board of Directors voted 7-0 to make the project a part of the AS. The program also changed its name from the Outback Experiential Learning Site to the Outback Experiential Learning Project. The switch from “site” to “project” was made to emphasize that the AS was not taking the land but rather coordinating a project.

This week our recording of the AS Board of Directors meeting was ravaged by an old voice recorder. Pairing this with missing notes means that next week’s Board Report will be a deluxe sized two week edition.

The AS Board of Directors meets every Wednesday at 6 p.m. The meetings are always open to the public.