Several corrections need to be made from the April 9 Transportation Fee story.

The actual amount of an individual parking pass for an academic year is $215.49 for a student and $246.93 for a faculty member. The original story printed $160.84 for the student parking pass fee and $186.05 for the faculty fee; these prices are representative of the car pooling fee, not the individual pass fee.

Kevin McClain is the Vice President of Campus and Community Affairs, not Campus and Community Services, as printed before.

The AS Board has not yet determined the specific details of the late night/early morning bus service proposed, and have not calculated a definite budget outlining the specific use of the fee. However the Board plans on creating a definite budget and late night/early morning bus service after the fee is voted in, if it is voted in.

Whatcom Transit Authority will be expanding its Route 16, which serves the York neighborhood. The expanded route will run both ways to and from campus and operate 7 days a week, but will not run when Western is in session. Route 90B will expand its services as well, extending service north of Lakeway, to James Street and up to Potter Street. A new 32nd Street route has also been proposed that would run from 32nd street, behind Sehome Village and up to campus. Also, an express bus service will be added, linking Lynden and Ferndale to Western’s campus via I-5. It will run from 2a.m. to 2 p.m.