Matt Crowley/The AS Review

Photos by Joe Rudko/The AS Review

Sometimes, because you’re too lazy, busy or forgetful, Halloween will sneak up on you and leave you panicked and costume-less. For the procrastinators among us, The AS Review has compiled a handful of last-minute costume ideas.

Wait, Halloween is tomorrow?


The robot, like the rest of these, is going to require a little bit of hands-on time. Aluminum foil is a must, and you should try to fashion some sort of helmet as well. Otherwise you’ll just look like an ATM (which would be cool too, I guess).

You don’t even really need a costume for this one. Just take an umbrella, add some color and streamers and you’re set. Plus, if it rains…

You’re probably going to end up irritating more people than entertaining them, but at least you won’t be that loser without a costume.

Funny if executed correctly, creepy otherwise. If you can get your hands on some adult diapers and a pacifier, you should be set. But, if all you have is a pair of white underwear and a teddy bear, you might want to sit this Halloween out.

Wait, Halloween is today?!


It doesn’t get more classic than the ‘ol “cut a couple holes in a bed sheet on your way out the door because you forgot Halloween again.” Sure, you look like a total cop-out, but at least you have a costume.

Remember to look haunted. It's all in the eyes.


The cousin to the ghost, the mummy requires little more than a roll of toilet paper and a friend. It’s even better if you have some spare fabric lying around, but because you’re reading this I’m guessing you don’t. Better hope it doesn’t rain.

Not exactly the most fear-inducing costume, but still.


Besides some dirty, torn up clothes and a taste for brains, the only other thing you need for this costume is face paint. Or blood. Your call.

Don't use ketchup for fake blood. It smells terrible. Braaaaaaaaaaaaainssssssssss.

Baseball/Football/Soccer Player
Okay, so your old uniform (if you still have it) probably doesn’t fit you anymore, but if it does, why not? Just make sure you’ve washed it in the last decade.

Costume: C-, form: A+!